Ten interesting facts about Comet ISON

As astronomers speculate the fate of Comet ISON, here are a few fun facts about the much anticipated comet also called the `Comet of the century`.

Facts: Economic Disparity In India

•Inequality in earnings has doubled in India over the last two decades, making it the worst performer on this count of all emerging economies. The top 10% of wage earners now make 12 times more than the bottom 10%, up from a ratio of six in the 1990s.

Health – Fact File

Rural residents of Madhya Pradesh and Delhi face 70% and 55% chances, respectively, of being prescribed the wrong treatment.

Dinesh Trivedi – Fact File

Dinesh Trivedi is a member of the All India Trinamool Congress party.

Anand Kumar – Fact File

Anand Kumar is the Chief Advisor Affairs in JNU.

Amish Tripathi – Fact File

Amish Tripathi is an eminent Indian writer.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – Fact File

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a spiritual leader and founder of the Art of Living Foundation.

Harsimrat Kaur Badal – Fact File

Harsimrat is a Member of Parliament from Bhatinda.

Society in Decay – Fact File

According to a 2007 report, 27,80,559 persons were arrested under IPC and 40,87,246 persons were arrested under special and local laws.

Swami Agnivesh – Fact File

Agnivesh is a self- proclaimed Arya Samaj Scholar and social activist.

Sandeep Vohra - Fact File

Vohra is a media advisor on various behavioral sciences, psychiatric, psychological and social issues.

Yashwant Sinha – Fact File

Yashwant Sinha is an Indian politician and former finance minister of India (1990–1991) under Prime Minister Chandra Shekhar.

Oscar Fernandes - Fact File

Oscar Fernandes is an Indian politician, a senior leader of the Indian National Congress party.

Sanjay Nirupam – Fact file

Know more about Sanjay Nirupam.

Facts and Figures- Safety in India

A new case is registered regarding crime against women every 20 minutes in India.

Facts on Corruption

A study done in 2005 by Transparency International in India found that more than 62% of the people had firsthand experience of paying bribe or peddling influence to get a job done in a public office.

Facts about Price rise

Consumer Price Index in India increased to 231 Index Points in June, 2013 from 228 Index Points in May, 2013.

Cash-for-vote: Give facts to court, Cong tells BJP

Congress on Friday dismissed BJP`s demand for apology from the Prime Minister and the UPA chairperson in the cash-for vote scam.

Fuel up on F1 facts

Many might consider Formula One to be a super car race on beautiful stretches all around the world. Well, there are quite a few facts that most of us do not know and believe me you will love to have a glance on these interesting lesser known specifics. To start with.

Get all facts from FBI on Fai: BJP to Centre

The BJP on Tuesday asked the Central
government to obtain all information about ISI operative and
separatist Kashmiri leader Ghulam Nabi Fai from the FBI and
share it with people of the country.

Raja `hiding facts’: CBI tells court

Former telecom minister A Raja and Swan Telecom promoter Shahid Usman Balwa, arrested for their role in the 2G spectrum scam, were "evasive" and "hiding real facts" during questioning, the CBI told a Delhi court on Friday.

Little-known facts of the CWG opening ceremony

About 1,200 moving lights, 25
stacks of speakers and about 2,700 shots of fireworks spread
across the roof of the JLN Stadium combined with
a stage weighing 500 tonnes to create a spectacular opening
ceremony of the CWG.

Trivia on Shakespeare

Here are some interesting facts on Shakespeare.

Interesting Facts about the Earth

We all know that earth is a sphere, three-fourths of it is covered with water; it is the only planet in the universe which is known to have life. We have grown up reading these facts in our schools and they are no longer interesting for us. But there are a number of other amazing realities about our planet that we do not know. What are they? Have a look.

60 years of Constitution: Things you must know

On the 60th Republic Day of the nation these are the sixty facts that you should know about the constitution.

60 years of Constitution: Things you must know

On the 60th Republic Day of the nation these are the sixty facts that you should know about the constitution.