Tips to restore faith in love post break-up

The end of any relationship leaves behind scars and the ability to trust again becomes a challenge when you start a new relationship. Take it slow, be honest and all will be fine.

Pierce Brosnan gets strength from faith

Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan credits his faith for helping him through tough times, such as the death of his first wife.

Ram temple matter of faith for BJP: Uma Bharti

BJP vice president Uma Bharti on Sunday said that while the issue of Ram temple is a matter of faith for the party, the issue of development and backwardness is a major plank in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

George Michael embarrassed by his 80`s look

Singer George Michael has revealed that he is embarrassed by the dyed hair and hoop earrings he used to wear when he was a member of Wham.

Oprah Winfrey urges atheists to believe in God if they experience `awe, wonder`

Oprah Winfrey has come under fire from atheists after she suggested that non-believers cannot experience "awe" and "wonder" of the universe and if they do experience it, then they should believe in God.

Gerard restored my faith in God, says Shakira

Shakira`s faith in God was restored when she met her footballer star boyfriend Gerard Pique because her prayers for a perfect partner had finally been answered.

Religiosity: 81% in India; just 14% in China

A new poll survey conducted by WIN/Gallup International has revealed that 13 percent of the survey shows that there is an increase in the number of people who are non-believers.

Pakistan`s minorities have no faith in democracy: Poll

In majority Muslim Pakistan, religious minorities say democracy is killing them.

Carrie Underwood credits strong faith, Christian upbringing for her success

American country singer and actor Carrie Underwood has credited her strong faith and Christian upbringing for her successful life.

First Sikh soldier completes training with US Army

Thanks to his Punjabi and Hindi language skills, 26-year old Simran Preet Singh Lamba has become the first Sikh soldier in the US army in two decades to complete basic training without giving up articles of his faith.

`Proper understanding of faith will help tackle terrorism`

Wrong understanding of
religion and God was often the cause of terrorism and
religious fanaticism, Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan
Willaims observed here on Saturday.

Issues of faith and belief can`t be solved in court: Thackeray

In the backdrop of the decades-old
Ayodhya title suit case, Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray on Friday
said matters of faith and belief cannot be resolved in any
court of law.

Christian leaders condemn `misrepresentation` of Obama`s faith

The leaders assert Obama has been "unwavering in confessing Christ as Lord”.

George Michael re-releasing debut album

George Michael is all set to re-release his debut solo album ‘Faith’.

Faith in Obama`s handling of Afghan war at record low: Poll

American public support for
the Afghan war and US President Barack Obama`s handing of the
conflict has hit an all-time low after the leak of secret
military documents, a poll showed today.

`Ordination of women priests a crime`

The ordination of women as Roman Catholic priests is a "crime against the faith," the Vatican said.

Americans have lost faith in government: Obama

Many Americans have lost faith in their government, US President Barack Obama admitted on Wednesday, tackling a pervasive sentiment hobbling his hopes for enacting sweeping reform.

Maha Kumbh - Congregation of faith like no other

Thousands of years have passed but faith in the healing powers of mother nature. Those who want to rid their souls from the never ending cycle of birth & death, are welcome to the festival of immortality.

Brumby urges Indians to have faith in Oz justice

Australia`s Victorian state Premier John Brumby Wednesday appealed to the Indian community to have faith in the country`s justice system which is "impartial" and "best placed" to deal with any racist assault.