Treasury removes cap for Fannie and Freddie aid

The government has handed its ATM card to beleaguered mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Fannie Mae to tighten lending standards: Report

Fannie Mae plans to raise minimum credit score requirements next month and limit the amount of overall debt that borrowers can carry relative to their incomes, The Washington Post reported on Thursday.

Fannie Mae tax credit decision could cost $5.2 bln

Fannie Mae has said it may have to ask the government for more financial assistance because the company cannot sell $5.2 billion in tax credits.

Fannie Mae seeks claims worth $15.8 bn from Lehman

Battered mortgage lender Fannie Mae has sought claims to the tune of USD 15.8 billion from bankrupt Lehman Brothers, mainly related to derivatives contracts.

Fannie Mae posts $19.7 bn Q3 loss; seeks $15 bn Federal funds

Bailed out mortgage lender Fannie
Mae has reported losses of USD 19.76 billion for the September
quarter, bogged down by staggering credit-related expenses.