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20 mn people on brink of famine - These 4 African countries face 'unprecedented' humanitarian crisis

20 mn people on brink of famine - These 4 African countries face 'unprecedented' humanitarian crisis

Famine is defined as occurring when 20 per cent of the population is starving, 30 per cent of the children are extremely malnourished, and the mortality rate has reached double its average.

Boko Haram violence leaves over 7 million facing starvation

Over 7 million people are starving in Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Nigeria as a result of violence by the Boko Haram terror group, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) reported.

Panama's indigenous tribes launch drones to fight deforestation

Indigenous people in Panama are using drones as a new weapon to monitor deforestation on their lands as thousands of hectares disappear every year in one of the world`s most biodiverse rainforests, the United Nations said.

3.9 million in South Sudan face extreme hunger: UN

3.9 million in South Sudan face extreme hunger: UN

Extreme hunger is pushing people to the brink of a catastrophe in parts of South Sudan as 3.9 million people nationwide face severe food insecurity

India's rice exports may drop by 20% in 2016: FAO

India's rice exports may decline by 20 percent in 2016 due to tight supplies and growing domestic demand, according to the UN body FAO.

$160 needed per person to end world hunger: FAO

A UN body on Friday said only USD 160 (about Rs 10,000) is all that is needed annually per person living in extreme poverty to eradicate world hunger by 2030.

Sustaining 4% growth in agri sector a challenge: Singh

Sustaining 4 percent growth in the farm sector is a challenging task though it remains one of the top priorities of the government, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said Monday.

UN urges action to fix 'broken' world food system

The United Nations urged political leaders from around the world on Wednesday to up their game in the fight to wipe out malnutrition, a global scourge which afflicts poor and rich alike.

World food prices fall for sixth straight month in Sept, longest in 15 years: FAO

Bumper harvests and big stockpiles of food are helping to drive world food prices down to the lowest levels for about 15 years, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization reported on Thursday.

India not blocking rule-based global trade: PM

In the WTO talks in Geneva in July, India had taken a tough stance on the issue of foodgrain holding and food subsidy after which the US blamed it for failure of the negotiations.

Modi urges FAO to take the lead in protecting interests of poor and farmers at WTO

Modi asserted that India does not stand in the way of a rule-based global trade agreement, but India cannot sacrifice the interests and food security of the poor and the farmers.

India needs to work more to address poverty: FAO

India, the world's second largest wheat and rice grower, needs to make speedier progress towards reducing the number of hungry people, a top official of the UN food agency FAO said Monday.

Fighting in Gaza hits local food production & prices: FAO

The violence in Gaza has brought local food production to a halt as 17,000 hectares of farmland have been damaged substantially forcing farmers and herders to abandon their lands, according to the UN body FAO.

World food prices hit six-month low in July: FAO

FAO raised its outlook for global cereal production by 18 million tonnes to 2.498 billion tonnes.

FAO pegs 2014 world food import bill stabilise at $1.29 tln

In 2013, world food import bill was USD 1.28 trillion.

PepsiCo, Coca-Cola back global guidelines on land tenure: FAO

PepsiCo has joined fellow beverage company Coca-Cola in giving its official support to a set of global guidelines that aim to protect the rights of poor and vulnerable people to land, livelihoods and food security, the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said.

Global food prices rise by 2.3% March: FAO

Global food prices increased by 2.3 percent in March from the previous month, the highest level since May 2013.

Number of undernourished people in India down 6.5%: FAO

India, the world's second biggest wheat and rice grower, saw the number of people who suffered from chronic hunger drop by 6.5 percent to 21.38 crore during 2011-13, according to a joint report by UN food agencies.

'One third of food wasted, costs world economy $750 bn'

The Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) said some 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year, with the Asia region including China seen as the worst culprit.