Quake-hit Nepal needs USD 20-mn to resume agriculture: FAO
Quake-hit Nepal needs USD 20-mn to resume agriculture: FAO

 About USD 20 million is needed to support farmers in earthquake-hit Nepal so that they can resume agricultural activities and stave off the threat of prolonged food insecurity, FAO today said.

Lack of food safety killing 2.2 million every year: Experts

Lack of government policies on food and water safety is causing the death of 2.2 million people, including children, every year across the globe, health experts said on Sunday.

Make food safety a priority: WHO

The World Health Organisation(WHO) on Tuesday urged each nation in the South-East Asia region to make food safety a priority.

Citizen scientists map global forests

 A team of citizen scientists from Austria has introduced two global forest maps -- both at one-km resolution -- that will provide a more accurate view of global forests.

Devastating floods kill dozens, displace 170,000 in Malawi

Heavy floods in southern Malawi have killed at least 79 people, forced more than 170,000 from their homes and cost about 160,000 people their livelihoods, a UN agency said on Wednesday.

UN honours Peruvian project for improving crops
UN honours Peruvian project for improving crops

The UN has honoured the National Agrarian University of Peru for a project that develops hardier, more resistant food crops using radiation-induced mutations.

Half of world`s forest species at risk: UN

Half of the world`s forest species are at risk from climate change and farming, the United Nations (UN) warned today, as it called for "urgent action" to manage them better.

World Bank sounds alarm on rising global food prices

World food prices rose in the first quarter of the year for the first time since their all-time high in August 2012, driven by rising demand in China, drought in the United States and unrest in Ukraine.

Typhoon-hit Philippine farmers to reap harvest: UN

Farmers in the Philippines will soon reap a harvest after using emergency seed supplies to grow crops following a devastating typhoon that struck during planting season, the UN food agency said.

Asia-Pacific`s "ageing" coconut trees threaten livelihoods

Livelihoods of millions in Asia-Pacific countries, including India, have been affected as ageing coconut trees in the region cannot produce enough to keep up with the world`s rapidly growing demand.

Food law to protect poor from price volatility: Thomas

Food Minister KV Thomas Monday said the recently enacted food law will protect 67 per cent of the population from price volatility.

Speed up withdrawal of hazardous pesticides, says FAO

UN body Food & Agriculture Organisation asked developing countries like India to speed up the withdrawal of hazardous pesticides from their markets.

United Nations urges hungry world to eat bugs

The United Nations has issued an official advice suggesting that insects can help combat food-insecurity worldwide, as they are a virtually "untapped" source of food for people.

UN warns 25% of world land highly degraded

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that farmers will have to produce 70 percent more food by 2050 to meet the needs of the world`s expected 9 billion-strong population.

`Pak farmers face worse flooding than last year`

Farmers in southern Pakistan are
facing worse flood than last year, causing large-scale destruction to crops and livestocks.

Brazil`s Graziano elected chief of UN food agency

Graziano, currently FAO`s regional representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, won on the second ballot with the support of 92 of the 180 FAO member states voting.

Are insects the answer to global malnutrition?

Insects could fill the shortfall of insufficient nutrients as they are highly rich in protein and vitamins.

FAO lists J&K, Arunachal as independent entities

J&K and Arunachal Pradesh have been shown as separate countries alongwith India in a report by FAO.

FAO lists J-K and Arunachal Pradesh as independent entities

J&K and Arunachal Pradesh have been shown as separate countries alongwith India
in a report by FAO.

FAO considering Kuttanad to be made a heritage agro site

Agricultre Scientist M S Swaminathan has suggested declaration of Kuttanad wetlands in Kerala as a Special Agricutlural Zone.