Colombia army raids illegal mines funding FARC rebels

 Colombia`s armed forces raided 63 illegal mines operated by leftist FARC guerrillas on Monday, blowing up machinery and arresting dozens, in an operation the defence minister said will deprive FARC of $9 million a month.

Colombia FARC rebels say they cannot be judged as ''common criminals''

Colombia`s FARC rebels cannot be submitted to the same judicial processes as "common criminals" under a possible peace deal, the Marxist group said on Friday.

Colombia to temporarily halt bombing of FARC rebels: President

Colombia will stop bombing raids against Marxist FARC rebels for a month, President Juan Manuel Santos said Tuesday, a major stride in a peace process aimed at ending Latin America`s longest-running civil war.

FARC frees Colombian soldier

Leftist FARC rebels released a Colombian soldier Friday, nearly a week after beginning a unilateral ceasefire aimed at ending Latin America`s longest-running conflict.

Colombia suspends military operations ahead of hostage release

Colombia`s military has suspended its operations in the east in order to allow the liberation of two soldiers held by the leftist FARC rebels, authorities said Sunday.

US condemns kidnapping of Colombian general by rebels

 The US Tuesday denounced the kidnapping of an army general in Colombia, a move that had led to a suspension of peace talks between the government and the FARC rebels.

Colombia's FARC rebels confirm they have captured Army general

Colombia`s FARC rebels confirmed in a statement on Tuesday they have captured Colombian army General Ruben Dario Alzate, whose kidnapping on Sunday led the government to suspend two-year-old peace talks taking place in Havana.

Government, rebels to discuss final ceasefire: Colombian president

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has said that a committee of military officers and Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) members will discuss a final ceasefire agreement.

Divisions erupt as Columbia rebels criticize their own

In the latest sign of division amongst Colombia`s FARC rebels as peace talks continue, the group`s leadership on Friday made a rare condemnation of an attack by some of its own guerillas.

Colombian rebels say Santos govt escalates war

FARC guerrillas Thursday accused President Juan Manuel Santos of escalating the war in Colombia even as his government engages in peace talks here.

FARC blamed for bomb that kills one, wounds 25

A motorcycle bomb attack blamed on Colombia`s FARC rebels killed one person and wounded at least 25 after a local truce by the guerrillas ended, an official said on Thursday.

Correa slams report on CIA role in Ecuador strike

Ecuador`s President Rafael Correa warned on Monday that reports US intelligence played a role in a 2008 Colombian attack on FARC rebels in his country as a threat to regional peace efforts.

Next round postponed in Colombia peace talks

The next round of talks between Colombia and the leftist FARC rebels -- planned for November 18 -- has been postponed, a government source has said.

Next round postponed in Colombia peace talks

The next round of talks between Colombia and the leftist FARC rebels -- planned for November 18 -- has been postponed, a government source said.

Colombian army nabs six FARC rebels

Government troops captured six rebels including a member of the security team of the leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the army has announced.

Colombia seizes war arsenal from FARC rebels

The police displayed the seized war arsenal Monday.

Colombia`s rebels ready to release three captives

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrilla group hs announced the imminent release of two police officers and a soldier captured in January.

Colombian Army kills 13 FARC rebels

At least 13 rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) have been killed by government soldiers, an official said Tuesday.

Colombian govt, FARC rebels open peace talks in Cuba

The Colombian government and the FARC guerrillas Monday launched the second phase of their peace talks here.

Colombia`s FARC rebels free 10 captives

Colombia`s FARC rebels on Monday freed 10 members of the armed forces held hostage in jungle prison camps for more than a decade.