Seven police dead in Colombia ambush

At least seven police officers were killed and seven wounded when gunmen from the FARC rebel group ambushed their convoy Tuesday in remote northwestern Colombia, officials said.

Three policemen killed in Colombia

At least three policemen were killed in an ambush by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a security official said Friday.

Colombia`s Santos says FARC attacks could end peace process

Colombia`s President Juan Manuel Santos said continuing attacks perpetrated by leftist FARC guerrillas, many of which target infrastructure, could bring an end to peace negotiations with the government.

Colombia blames FARC for power outage at major port

A rebel bombing of an electric tower knocked out power to Colombia`s largest Pacific port, authorities said Tuesday.

Colombians re-elect Juan Manuel Santos in boost for FARC talks

Colombians re-elected President Juan Manuel Santos on Sunday in a cliffhanger poll seen as a referendum on peace talks with FARC guerrillas, election authorities said.

Colombia presidential run-off a referendum on peace talks

Colombia on Sunday will hold a presidential run-off that has become a referendum on peace talks under way with Latin America`s oldest insurgency.

Colombia`s FARC declare poll ceasefire, take a swipe at Zuluaga

Colombia`s leftist FARC rebels declared a ceasefire on Saturday for a three-week period covering a tight presidential election race on June 15, campaigning for which has centered on how to end five decades of war with the guerrilla group.

Colombia government, rebels to set up truth commission

Negotiators trying to end Latin America`s oldest civil war agreed to set up a truth commission that addresses the deaths of thousands of people in five decades of conflict.

Colombia Army kills five more rebels as conflict heats up

Colombian troops killed five FARC guerrillas today in the latest in a succession of military operations that have claimed the lives of 26 leftist rebels since the weekend, a military source said.

14 rebels killed in Colombia fighting: Military

The Colombian military said Monday a weekend offensive against the FARC killed 14 rebels, five more than previously reported.

14 rebels killed in Colombia fighting: Military

The Colombian military said an offensive against FARC over the weekend killed 14 guerrillas, five more than previously reported.

FARC blamed for bomb that kills one, wounds 25

A motorcycle bomb attack blamed on Colombia`s FARC rebels killed one person and wounded at least 25 after a local truce by the guerrillas ended, an official said on Thursday.

Colombia rebel killed as FARC ceasefire goes into effect

A leftist guerrilla linked to high profile kidnappings and an attempt to assassinate a former Colombian interior minister has been killed, police said on Monday.

Maradona invited to Colombian 'Match for Peace' in Cuba

Diego Maradona has been invited by Colombia`s FARC to play for their team in a soccer "Game for Peace" during talks in Cuba between the rebels and the Colombian government looking to settle a decades-old conflict.

Next round postponed in Colombia peace talks

The next round of talks between Colombia and the leftist FARC rebels -- planned for November 18 -- has been postponed, a government source said.

Colombia accuses FARC of plot to kill ex-president Uribe

Colombia accused the leftist FARC guerrilla group today of plotting to kill former president Alvaro Uribe, a vehement critic of peace talks with the rebels.

Colombia`s FARC frees ex-US marine after four months in jungle

Kevin Scott Sutay, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, had been backpacking through several Central and South American countries before he was captured by the FARC. He had ignored police warnings against hiking through a "red zone" for rebel activity in the southeastern province of Guaviare.

Colombia, rebels resume peace talks after pause

The FARC has been waging an insurgency against Colombia since 1964, making it the longest armed conflict in Latin America.

Colombia and its rebels reach land reform deal

Colombia and that country`s largest rebel group has announced an agreement on one of their main bones of contention land reform the fruit of more than half a year of slow-moving peace negotiations in the Cuban capital.

FARC, government to resume talks; 7 die in Columbia

Five FARC militants, a policeman and a soldier were killed in recent days, authorities said as peace talks aimed at ending the long-running conflict were set to resume.