Colombia issues arrest warrants for 22 army officers

Colombia has issued arrest warrants for 22 active and retired army officers and two civilians for their alleged involvement in an extrajudicial execution of 18 people, prosecutors said.

Bomb kills two soldiers in Colombia

Two soldiers guarding an oil facility in northeastern Colombia were killed by an improvised bomb, the army has said.

FARC praises Colombia`s Santos for halting air strikes

Colombia`s FARC guerrillas on Tuesday praised President Juan Manuel Santos` decision to suspend air strikes against rebel forces, but urged further steps to de-escalate the half-century-old conflict.

Colombian president orders end to bombing raids on FARC

 Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Saturday ordered an end to bombing raids against Marxist-inspired FARC rebels in Latin America`s oldest insurgency.

Colombian soldier killed in fresh FARC clash: army

 A Colombian soldier died during a clash with FARC guerillas, the army has said, as peace talks aimed at ending the decades-long conflict resumed in Cuba.

Colombia rejects guerrilla leader's extradition to US

 The Colombian government has refused to extradite a guerrilla leader of the armed National Liberation Army (ELN) group to the US, the media reported on Friday.

Colombia conflict needs `urgent de-escalation`: Mediators

Four countries supporting peace talks between the Colombian government and FARC rebels called Tuesday for an "urgent de-escalation" of armed conflict in the South American nation.

Sri Sri convinces FARC to adopt Gandhian principles

Leaders of Colombia's guerrilla movement FARC have agreed to follow Gandhian principle of non-violence to attain its political objectives, Indian spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has said.

FARC rebels kill four and rupture Colombian pipeline

Colombia`s FARC rebels killed four soldiers and wounded six others in an attack in the northeast of the country on Monday, officials said, as the Marxist group steps up attacks amid unraveling peace talks.

FARC rebels cheer Colombia`s win over Brazil
FARC rebels cheer Colombia`s win over Brazil

Colombia`s FARC guerrillas took time out Thursday from peace talks with the government and a recent spate of attacks to cheer the national football team`s upset of five-time world champions Brazil.

Colombian government, FARC rebels resume dialogue
Colombian government, FARC rebels resume dialogue

The Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the country`s largest insurgent group, have resumed their peace talks in the Cuban capital of Havana.

FARC attacks major Colombian oil pipeline

Experts were battling to prevent environmental damage after suspected FARC rebels blew up a stretch of Colombia's second-biggest oil pipeline, authorities said.

Colombia's FARC rebels step up infrastructure attacks, kill 3 police

Colombia`s FARC rebels shot dead three police officers on Thursday and brought down an energy pylon, cutting off power to half a million people in the country`s south, the military said, as the Marxist group steps up attacks amid stumbling peace talks.

FARC kill three police, cut power to 500,000 in Colombia

Colombia`s FARC rebels killed three police officers Thursday and left nearly half a million people without electricity in two separate attacks, authorities said, in the latest blow to peace talks.

Colombia accuses FARC rebels of oil spill

Colombian authorities accused the leftist FARC guerrillas Monday of forcing 19 oil tanker drivers to dump their cargo of crude on the ground, raising fears it could contaminate water supplies.

Latest FARC attack leaves Colombia town without water

FARC rebels blew up a water plant in southwestern Colombia, military officials said Saturday, in the latest alleged attack by the guerrilla movement on the nation`s infrastructure.

Colombia`s Santos welcomes pressure on peace talks

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said Thursday he welcomes international pressure to accelerate peace talks with the FARC guerrillas, which has mounted in recent weeks as fighting has intensified.

Crossing minefields to get to school in Colombia

Nine-year-old Sebastian`s mom makes the sign of the cross over him before sending him to school, reminding him not to stray from the path through the mine-strewn field along the way.

Colombia limits presidents to single term

Colombia's Congress has voted to bar presidents from seeking re-election, a move backed by President Juan Manuel Santos that undoes a law passed by his predecessor and rival Alvaro Uribe.

Colombian govt, FARC rebels to create truth commission

The Colombian government and FARC guerrillas said Thursday they have agreed at peace talks to set up a truth commission to probe crimes committed during the country`s half-century conflict.