Fashion do's and don'ts for curvy women
Fashion do's and don'ts for curvy women

Are you overweight? Is selecting the right outfit a challenge for you? Here is an expert who can guide you through the right wardrobe.

Look stylish in leather trousers

Leather trousers are stylish, but the thought alone puts many women off them. Hence it is important to get the styling right for these wardrobe essentials and choose the right fit.

Pick the perfect coat for autumn-winter 2014

Cold weather is descending upon us and it's time to pick the best piece from various options available in the market. From military inspired styles to aviator ones, one can try many trends, but the idea is to wear it right.

Skinny jeans, a staple trend

Fashion trends come and go every season, but there have been particular standout styles over the past few years and one of them is skinny jeans.

How to wear grey for autumn-winter
How to wear grey for autumn-winter

 Grey fashion pieces were shown at the autumn-winter collections of many renowned brands including DKNY, Simon Gao and Zeynup Tosun and it’s hitting the high street too but opting for such shades needs a lot of attention and a perfect pairing.

Alba learnt beauty tricks from grandma
Alba learnt beauty tricks from grandma

Actress Jessica Alba says she learnt a lot of her beauty tricks from her grandmother.

Embrace sheer, monochrome for a fashionable look

 From sheer fabrics to monochrome colours, the fashion world has been alight with new season trends at New York Fashion Week. So pack your bags with the top picks of this season and get ready to groove.

My children know they are lucky: Julianne Moore

Actress Julianne Moore`s children may be privileged to be growing up in a famous household, but they do not take it for granted.

Key life events affect fashion picks: Survey

Life`s major milestones can impact fashion choices, reveals a new survey conducted on British women.

Are you a victim of fake fashion?

Going by a research, counterfeit designer goods may be flooding internet and our wardrobes too!

Red lipstick can help you get promotion: Survey

A red lipstick beauty look ensures you stand out from the crowd but what is more interesting that women are wearing this look at the workplace to help in getting a promotion, new research says.

Try quick fixes for fashion blunders

Ever experienced a stain on your blouse during a client lunch or an unsightly deodorant streak across your little black dress? There are varied fashion faux pas that girls can come across, but a little smartness can help you escape embarrassment.

Stick to soft, breathable fabric in summer: Expert

Stick to soft, breathable fabric in summer: Expert

Find perfect sunglasses to frame your face

It`s important to find clothing which suits one`s body shape, but what about sunglasses that complement the face shape? Many people opt for wrong shades, thereby creating a fashion disaster. Be wary!

Did you say Fat? Five quick tips to transform your look!

Being fat doesn`t mean you can`t look fabulous. Beauty is all in the mind with different people having different perceptions.

Taylor Swift gets fashion tips from Lena Dunham

Country star Taylor Swift has been getting fashion advice from Lena Dunham and says she has great taste when it comes to style blogs and stores.

Leather in spring-summer no more a fashion disaster

Leather in spring-summer no more a fashion disaster

Jourdan Dunn shares her style secrets

Model Jourdan Dunn may work with some of the most luxurious designers in the world, but in her own style, she likes to mix it up with high street fashion too.

Pleated skirts are back

Pleated skirts might have a school dress feel, but this summer they have been given a school girl edge look with pretty pleats which adds a feminine touch to the wardrobe.

Flaunt a striped bag this season like Courtney Cox

With the new season in full swing, it`s time to replace black bags with something jazzy.