This machine called 'Foodini' will print out pizzas, burgers for dinner
This machine called 'Foodini' will print out pizzas, burgers for dinner

Now, you can just print out your favorite dishes like spaghetti, burgers and pizzas, with help of a new 3D printer machine called Foodini.

In 17 years, fast food hasn't changed
In 17 years, fast food hasn't changed

Average calories, sodium and saturated fat content is as high in fast food today as these were in 1996, says a research.

Junk food evokes positive feelings

Most people tend to automatically associate junk food with positive feelings, scientists say.

Fast food could slow down your kid's brain

Eating fast food affects not only your child's general health but could also slow down his/her brain, a new research suggests.

Japanese machine that grills shrimp in three seconds!

Fast food just got faster with this Japanese contraption that prepares batter cooked shrimp in three seconds.

Watch your diet to reduce diabetes risk

What you eat and drink, and not just the number of calories, is a significant factor in diabetes risk, a study showed.

Kids familiar with fast-food restaurants logos likelier to be overweight

A new study has revealed that more a child is familiar with logos and other images from fast-food restaurants, sodas and not-so-healthy snack food brands, it`s more likely for the child to be overweight or obese.

Obese kids must avoid fast food to stay sharp

Is obesity of your kid weighing down his/her academic performance? Then, persuade them to eat natural, unprocessed, raw food instead of chips, sodas and fast foods, move whenever possible, and restrict media exposure, said a study.

Three reasons why fast food is bad for you

Most people now flock to fast food every day due to hectic schedules in the fast-paced world, which is really unhealthy and dangerous for your health.

Obese kids? Don`t live near fast food joints

That friendly fast food kiosk at the corner of your street could be the reason for your child’s unwanted weight gain!

Kids living near fast food outlets more likely to be obese

Parents, note! Your neighbourhood may determine whether your kids are overweight, a new study has found.

Fast food not major cause behind childhood obesity

A new study has found that fast food consumption may not be the major factor in the rapid increase in childhood obesity.

Small changes to kids` fast food meals can help cut calorie consumption

Researchers have revealed that small changes to common combo meals in places like McDonald`s restaurants can help reduce kids` calorie consumption.

The journey of momo from Tibet to streets of Delhi

Here are the three best reasons that explain the journey of the momo from Tibet to the bylanes of Delhi.

`Busy` parents putting fast food on table

Busy parents admit to having fed their kids ready meals and takeaways during their school week, according to a new survey.

Salt levels in processed and fast food still `dangerously` high

Despite calls from public and health agencies for the food industry to voluntarily reduce sodium levels, a study has found that the processed food and fast food still have dangerously high salt levels.

Adults also affected by junk food advertising

Scientists have challenged the idea that adults are better equipped than children to resist junk food advertising.

Junk lyrics worries Juhi Chawla

Juhi Chawla, a mother of two, feels the culture of "fast food", "junk lyrics", and "mobile phones" is not providing an ideal environment for children.

11% of adult`s calories come from fast food

A new U.S. report has revealed that 11.3 percent of daily calories consumed by adults in 2007 through 2010 came from fast food.

Fast food affects liver same way as hepatitis

Regular consumption of fast food items like fried chicken and onion rings are particularly bad for your liver, a study has found.