Saudi cleric softens stance on fatwa condemning snowman as ''un-Islamic''

 A Saudi religious scholar, who recently sparked widespread controversy for condemning snowmen as "un-Islamic", has reportedly softened his stance on the issue by saying that snowmen may be allowed if the main features of the face, the eyes, nose and mouth, were not clear.

No more than 10 cases of Indians wanting to join ISIS: Ajit Doval

There are not more than 10 cases of Indian youths wanting to join the ISIS, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval said here Saturday.

Muslim cleric in Bihar opposes dowry

A Muslim cleric in Bihar has opposed a demand for dowry and issued a fatwa against organising dinner or lunch with the money received from bride's family.

Woman set ablaze in Maharashtra for flouting voting 'fatwa'

In a shocking incident, a woman, who allegedly flouted a local voting 'fatwa', was assaulted and set on fire in Yevla town of the district in Maharashtra two days ago, police said here Friday.

Outrage over fatwa against online chats between unrelated men, women in Egypt

A top Islamic organization in Egypt has reportedly issued a fatwa against online chat between unrelated men and women in the country after it declared such chats to be religiously impermissible.

UK imams issue fatwa on British Muslim extremists

Some of the leading imams in the UK have issued a fatwa against British Muslims travelling to war zones like Syria and Iraq to join "oppressive and tyrannical" Islamic State.

Muslim cleric in Kerala issues fatwa against ISIS

A noted Muslim cleric in Kerala on Saturday issued a fatwa asking his community members to boycott the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and other terrorist organisations.

Fatwa can`t be forced upon people: SC

Fatwa issued by Muslim clerics cannot be forced upon people and the state has to protect persons who are harassed for not following such dictates, the Supreme Court on Tuesday said while expressing reservation in interfering with Shariat courts.

`Mars One` vows to defy fatwa by sending people to space

A space exploration company is planning to send four people on a one-way trip to Mars to fight against the fatwa issued by Islamic authorities which mentions that the trip was akin to suicide.

Taliban issue fatwa to Pakistan`s media

The Pakistani Taliban have issued a fatwa against the media, declaring it a "party" to the conflict in the country, and drawn up a hit-list of journalists and publishers, a media report said on Thursday.

`Wives of disappeared Kashmiri men can remarry after four years`

In a significant development, a group of Islamic scholars ruled that "half-widows", or women whose husbands had disappeared during the over 20-year-long conflict in Jammu and Kashmir and whose whereabouts are since unknown, can re-marry after four years of waiting for their spouses.

Al Jazeera America bans F-bomb words in newsroom

Al Jazeera America news chiefs have declared a fatwa against using the F-bomb in the newsroom .

Photography is unlawful and sin: Darul Uloom Deoband

India`s leading Islamic seminary Darul Uloom has issued a fatwa, saying "photography is unlawful and a sin".

FSA fatwa forbids killing `lice growing in blessed beards`

The Free Syrian Army has issued a fatwa prohibiting the killing of lice that appear in the beard of a Muslim due to lack of hygiene during jihad.

Syrian Islamists issue fatwa against croissants

A Sharia committee has announced an anti-croissant fatwa in the rebellious region of the Syrian city of Aleppo for being symbols of colonial oppression.

Pakistan polls: Fatwa issued against voting for Imran Khan

Fazl also reminded that Imran gave a fake decree with the reference of Maulana Saeed Ahmad Usmani, who had passed away in 2010.

I will not sing in future, says Kashmir’s all-girls band member

A day after their decision to disband the Kashmir’s all-girls rock-band following the fatwa (decree) from the Grand Mufti of Jammu and Kashmir, a member of the band on Tuesday said that though they are feeling bad they will not sing again.

Now a fatwa calling for baby girls to wear burqas

A Saudi cleric has issued a fatwa calling for female babies to wear burqas, a move that has sparked outrage across social networking sites.

Distraught Kashmir girl band member leaves Valley, case against online abusers

A case was registered by police today over the abusive and threatening online posts against Kashmir`s first all-girls rock band whose one member has been sent to Bangalore after the group was forced to call it quits.

Fatwa against `Pargaash` act to disturb normalcy: BJP

The BJP criticised the decree issued by Jammu and Kashmir`s Grandmufti against the all-girls rock band `Pragaash`.