Meet 116 years old Dharampal Singh Gujjar,world's oldest athlete

Meet Dharampal Singh Gujjar,world's oldest athlete who has put old age to shame and continues to participate in marathons and contests.

World`s oldest long-distance runner retires at 101

101-year-old Fauja Singh, the world`s oldest marathon runner of Indian-origin, retired from competitive events as a "very happy" man as he finished his last race here today.

Fauja Singh, 101, to run in Mumbai Marathon

The world`s oldest runner Fauja Singh (101) will be participating in the 10th Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon on Sunday in what could be his first and last appearance in the city.

World`s oldest Indian marathon runner to carry Olympic torch for 2nd time

A Sikh, who came to live in Britain in 1992 and began running marathons at the age of 86, is set to carry the Olympic torch through the streets of east London.

Fauja Singh-starred `Run for the City` receive warm response

Led by renowned Indian-origin British centenarian marathon runner, Fauja Singh, the citizens of Amritsar on Sunday accorded warm response to `Run for the City` event, which witnessed participations from all across the society.

What Guinness? My job is to run: 100-year-old Fauja Singh

His marathons at the ripe old age of 100 may not have been recognised by Guinness World Records on technical grounds, but Punjab-born British citizen Fauja Singh says the only thing he cares about is to keep running.

Guinness won`t ratify centenarian`s marathon

Centenarian marathoner Fauja Singh won`t have a spot in Guinness.