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Chile wildfires damage unique flora, fauna

Massive wildfires raging in drought-stricken southern Chile have wiped out hundreds of plant species, and are now threatening animal life and a national park as well, officials warned Saturday.

Unique project by Army to sustain Sikkim`s flora and fauna

To sustain Sikkim`s rich biodiversity, the Army`s Black Cat Division has undertaken an environment pilot project for the collection and transportation of empty Tetra Pak cartons from its units deployed in Central and East Sikkim.

World`s protected areas not protecting biodiversity: Study

Researchers have warned that the world`s protected areas are not safeguarding most of the world`s imperilled biodiversity, and clear changes need to be made on how nations undertake future land protection if wildlife is going to be saved.

Scientists discover 133 new fauna species in India

Scientists have discovered 133 new species of fauna in India and amoung the most significant is a bird - yet to be named - found in the Great Nicobar Island.

Fauna that lived in Mayan times survive climate change

Fauna that was prevalent at the height of the ancestral Mayan culture has survived prolonged droughts, hurricanes and the deleterious effects of climate change, experts say.

Rare NE flora, fauna face extinction threat

The threats to biodiversity arising from climate change are likely to be very acute in this region.

Climate change downsizing fauna, flora: Study

Climate change is reducing the body size of many animal and plant species, including some which supply vital nutrition.

300 new species found in Philippines

The species found include insects, spiders, reptiles, amphibians, fish, coral, sea urchins and plants.