Singer of `Louie Louie,` which perplexed FBI, dies at 71

Jack Ely, whose 1963 song "Louie Louie" was so unintelligible that the US government investigated it for secret messages, has died aged 71, his family said Tuesday.

FBI investigating possible Islamic State terrorism plot in U.S

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating a possible Islamic State-inspired terrorism plot in the United States, CNN reported on Saturday, quoting law enforcement officials.

FBI admits forensic lab 'errors' against criminal suspects

The FBI today admitted "errors" spanning several years in evidence provided in court by its forensic lab to help secure criminal convictions, including in death penalty cases.

US envoy apologises to Poland over FBI chief's Holocaust claim

US ambassador to Warsaw apologised on Sunday after being summoned by the foreign ministry over comments by the head of the FBI that Poland shared responsibility for the Holocaust with Germany.

FBI admits forensic lab `errors` against criminal suspects

The FBI on Sunday admitted "errors" spanning several years in evidence provided in court by its forensic lab to help secure criminal convictions, including in death penalty cases.

FBI says hair-match experts gave flawed testimony: Report

The FBI and US Justice Department have acknowledged that almost all of the experts in a forensic unit dedicated to microscopic hair comparison gave flawed testimony against defendants before 2000, the Washington Post said.

White House will not name those behind 2014 cyber attack

 The White House said Wednesday it would not name those behind a cyber attack on official Washington targets last October, after reports blamed Russia.

Lack of coordination led to intel failure in 26/11: US panel

 A US panel tasked with reviewing the FBI has said that one of the main lessons learnt from the 2008 Mumbai terror attack case was that "relevant intelligence may fall by the wayside" in the absence of an intelligence effort to understand the connections among cases.

Hate crimes against Sikh, Hindus on FBI tracking list

The US has included hate crimes against Hindus, Sikhs and Arab Americans in the tracking list of the FBI, meeting the long-pending demand of the minority communities who have been repeatedly targeted post 9/11.

FBI still needs to improve intelligence efforts: Report

 More than a decade after the September 11, 2001 attacks the FBI has still not fully improved its domestic intelligence gathering and must accelerate reforms, an official US report said Wednesday.

Boston bombing jury sees fuse, debris from suspect's apartment

 The Boston Marathon bombing jury on Wednesday saw evidence including a fuse and a piece of a pressure-cooker lid seized at the apartment where accused bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his brother lived.

FBI puts Indian cyber-fugitive on most wanted list

Declaring Shivraj Singh Dabi, an Indian national, a cyber-fugitive, the FBI has put him on its most wanted list with posters in English, Punjabi and Hindi seeking information about him.

Comey warns of Islamic State recruits, lone wolf attacks

The radicalization of Americans by Islamic State and other groups, particularly through sophisticated use of social media, is a top concern for the FBI as it grapples with evolving terrorism threats, Director James Comey said on Thursday.

Bangladesh police hand over Avijit Roy murder evidence to FBI

Bangladesh police onWednesday handed over evidence related to the brutal killing of American blogger-writer Avijit Roy to FBI.

US offers $5 million for return of ex-FBI agent missing in Iran

The United States on Monday announced a $5 million increased reward for information leading to the return of former FBI agent Robert Levinson, as it marked the eighth anniversary of his mysterious disappearance in Iran.

FBI investigates pro-ISIS hacks: Report

The FBI is investigating a string of hacks that defaced US websites with imagery from the Islamic State jihadist group.

FBI urges `vigilance` against IS recruitment online

US authorities on Thursday issued an appeal to police and the public to remain "vigilant" against attempts by the Islamic State group to recruit young Americans online.

US warns about American youths seeking Islamic State connection

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have warned law enforcement agencies across the country about American youths wanting to join Islamic State militants fighting in the Middle East, officials said on Thursday.

FBI to help probe murder of US blogger in Bangladesh

The FBI will help Bangladesh probe the brutal killing of a prominent American blogger-writer and critic of religious extremism by suspected Islamist militants.

As many as 2,800 inmates to be moved from Texas prison

As many as 2,800 federal prisoners will be moved to other institutions after inmates seized control of part of a prison in South Texas, causing damage that made the facility "uninhabitable," an official said.