NASA develops new air traffic management software

US space agency NASA has developed a new air traffic control software that would enable better management of the spacing between planes.

US airliner nearly hit drone: FAA

A US airliner nearly collided with a remotely controlled aircraft as it approached a Florida airport in March, the Federal Aviation Administration has said.

No survivors expected in US plane crash: Official

Authorities believe there are no survivors after a small plane crashed into a reservoir in the US.

Multiple UFOs sighted across California

Multiple unidentified flying objects were spotted by civilians in several cities across California, as people reported seeing strange lights in the sky on New Years morning.

US cracks open skies to testing, use of aerial drones

The Federal Aviation Administration already had approved limited use of drones in the United States for law enforcement, surveillance, atmospheric research and other applications.

Amazon drone delivery: All for an idea

You can expect it from Jeff Bezos but even by his standards this is audacious – drones as Amazon delivery boys!

Soon, you can enjoy Wi-Fi inside planes!

With the aviation agencies in the US allowing gadget use while take-off and landing, the next major step in changing the way people travel by air could include access to the Internet.

Passenger falls out of plane into ocean off Miami coast

In a shocking incident, a passenger fell out of a plane into the ocean off Miami.

Portable electronics to be allowed on flights: FAA

Airline passengers will soon be allowed to use a range of mobile electronic devices in flight with very few restrictions, US aviation authorities said.

Man in critical condition after being engulfed in flames

A man went up in flames in the middle of the National Mall on Friday before bystanders extinguished the fire and he was rushed to a hospital, police and witnesses said.

US investigating airplanes` near miss over NYC

The Federal Aviation Administration said that a Delta Airlines Boeing 747 arriving at John F Kennedy Airport came close to a Shuttle America Embraer E170.

Plane crashes in Indiana neighborhood, 2 killed

Two people were killed on Sunday when the plan in which they were travelling suffered a technical fault and reportedly crashed in northern Indiana neighborhood.

Landing gear door falls on US neighbourhood

A piece of metal that fell to the ground in a Kent, Washington, neighbourhood was part of a Boeing 767`s landing gear door.

`US space tourism set for takeoff by 2014`

The Obama administration is preparing for a space tourism industry that is expected to be worth $1 billion in 10 years.

US Aviation body loses track of 119,000 planes

Exploitation of missing planes by terrorists and drug traffickers is feared.