Two US Navy jets crash in western Pacific

Two US F/A-18 Hornet jets have crashed in the western Pacific and one of the pilots is missing, the Navy said today.

Fighter jets escort Cuba-bound Canadian jet back to Canada

Fighter jets were scrambled to escort a jetliner as it turned back during a flight from Canada to Cuba because of two drunken, unruly passengers, the airline said.

Fighter jets escort Toronto flight after alleged threat

A flight carrying Canadians on vacation to Panama was turned around and escorted back to Toronto by two fighter jets today after an unruly passenger made threats against the aircraft.

Japan, Britain to launch joint missile research: Report

Japan and Britain are to jointly develop missile technology for fighter jets, while Tokyo may also start exporting Japanese-made parts for US surface-to-air missiles, a report said Thursday.

Pakistani jets, artillery kill 18 in anti-militant offensive

Pakistani jets and artillery pounded militant hideouts in a lawless tribal district, killing 18 foreign and local insurgents in a massive ongoing offensive against the Taliban, officials said Sunday.

Ukrainian fighter jets scrambled above rebel positions as missile attack resumes

Ukraine scrambled jet fighters to strike at rebel positions early on Saturday, after separatists resumed missile attacks on government forces near the frontier with Russia, the border guard service said.

Japan military jets scrambled record 340 times in April-June

Japan said today that its military scrambled fighter jets a record 340 times in the three months to June in response to feared intrusions on its airspace, as tensions grow with China.

Pakistan completes induction of 13 F-16 fighter jets into air force

Pakistan on Wednesday completed the induction of 13 frontline F-16 fighter jets into its air force, augmenting its aerial defence capability.

Turkey orders first fighter jets from Lockheed Martin

Turkey has decided to place a firm order with US aerospace giant Lockheed Martin for two F-35 stealth fighter jets, a defence source said on Wednesday.

Russian bombers, fighter jets `seen over Crimea`

Several dozen Russian planes including what appeared to be strategic bombers and fighter jets have been spotted in the sky above the Moscow-controlled peninsula of Crimea, witnesses and experts said.

Pentagon claims Russian jets violated Ukrainian airspace

US officials Friday said that Russian fighter jets flew into Ukrainian airspace a handful of times over the last 24 hours, in what one called a continued provocation of the heightened tensions in the region.

Turkish F-16 jets scramble to intercept Syrian jets

Four Turkish F-16 fighter jets scrambled Saturday to intercept two Syrian warplanes which approached southern Turkey, the Turkish military said.

Secret invention to replace windscreen wiper

A secret system which is used on fighter jets to repel rain, snow and insects is currently being developed for cars.

China scrambles jets after US, Japan planes enter new air zone

China on Friday scrambled several fighter jets to monitor military planes of the US, Japan and South Korea in its newly declared air defence zone over the East China Sea amid a call by President Xi Jinping to the PLA to enhance war capabilities.

Brazil aims to build advanced fighter jets with Russia

Brazil said it hopes to develop state-of-the-art combat aircraft with Russia, and purchase surface-to-air missile batteries from Moscow.

Thailand to receive three fighter jets today

Three Gripen fighter jets will be delivered to Thailand on Wednesday, two days later than scheduled, after one of them was struck by lightening while flying over India.

South Korea to finalise jet deal

South Korea`s arms procurement agency plans to receive a final bid next week for a $7.4 billion deal to buy 60 fighter jets, the largest arms import contract in the nation`s history, an official said Monday.

South Korea extends bidding for fighter jets

South Korea said Thursday it would re-open bidding on a USD 7.4 billion fighter jet deal next month.

China says military aircraft near Japan on training mission

A Chinese military aircraft that flew through international airspace near Japan`s southern islands, prompting Japan to scramble fighter jets, was on a routine training mission, China`s state media reported on Thursday.

US sends stealth fighter jets to join South Korea drill

The United States has reportedly deployed stealth fighter jets to South Korea as part of ongoing joint military exercises between the two nations.