Islamic State can't pay fighters, US Treasury says

 Efforts to choke off the finances of the Islamic State group have left it unable to pay its fighters and spurred corruption within the group, a senior US official said today.

Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in Turkey, northern Iraq, 10 killed

Turkish warplanes hit Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) targets in southeast Turkey and northern Iraq, killing at least ten fighters, security sources said on Wednesday.

China scrambles fighters as US sails warship near Chinese-claimed reef

China scrambled fighter jets on Tuesday as a US navy ship sailed close to a disputed reef in the South China Sea, a patrol China denounced as an illegal threat to peace which only went to show its defence installations in the area were necessary.

Obama warns Iran its fighters in Iraq must answer to Baghdad

US President Barack Obama warned Iran on Tuesday that its fighters must respect Iraq`s sovereignty and answer to the government in Baghdad in the battle against Islamic State militants.

Bhagat Singh: Voice of Reason or Dissent?

As a literature student when we were studying ‘The Trial of Dedan Kimathi’ by Kenyan writers Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o and Micere Mugo at Hansraj College, Delhi University, it was obvious that we discussed Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev and their contribution to India’s struggle for Independe

Boko Haram attack in NE Nigeria kills 21: Nigeria senator

Twenty-one civilians were killed after Boko Haram fighters clashed with troops in the restive northeast of Nigeria, a local lawmaker said on Thursday.

Boko Haram `logistics` raid targets French-owned cement works

Suspected Boko Haram fighters stole dynamite and pick-up trucks from a French-owned cement works in Nigeria after robbing a bank, in a raid to fund and pursue their campaign of violence in the northeast of the African nation.

Cameroon army kills 39 Boko Haram fighters: Defense ministry

Cameroonian troops killed 39 Boko Haram fighters in clashes with the Islamists, who were carrying out three raids on Cameroon's territory, the defense ministry said on Sunday.

Cameroon Army `kills 40 Boko Haram fighters`

Cameroon`s army claimed on Tuesday to have killed more than 40 Boko Haram fighters who tried to storm a strategic border crossing from Nigeria.

Amir Khan calls for return of headguards in amateur boxing

British boxer and Olympic silver medallist Amir Khan on Friday demanded headguards be reinstated into amateur boxing to protect exhausted fighters from possible injury.

Ukraine army takes control of shattered border post

Crouching behind sandbags next to the bombed out remains of a roadside cafe that once catered for truck drivers and tourists, Ukrainian troops guarded the Dolzhansky border post with Russian.

Spain arrests eight suspected of recruiting fighters for ISIL

Spain arrested eight men suspected of recruiting militants for Islamist group ISIL which is waging war in Iraq, including a former fighter in Afghanistan previously detained in Guantanamo Bay, the Interior Ministry said.

Clashes near Iraq`s Fallujah as conflict toll reaches 366

Clashes erupted between Iraqi troops and anti-government fighters on the outskirts of Fallujah on Saturday, as the militant-held city`s main hospital said 366 people had been killed in the months-long conflict.

Second European team missing in east Ukraine

A second team of European monitors was reported missing in restive eastern Ukraine on Friday despite army claims it had regained control over much of the separatist rust belt.

S Sudan fighters destroy hospitals, murder patients: MSF

Warring fighters in South Sudan have looted hospitals and murdered patients in their beds, cutting life-saving healthcare to hundreds of thousands of people, Doctors Without Borders said Wednesday.

Libyan fighters have no certain info on Gaddafi

A military spokesman for Libya`s
transitional government says revolutionaries have no certain
information about Muammar Gaddafi`s location.

Fighters head towards showdown with pro-Gaddafi town

Libya`s new rulers sent a column of extra fighters toward the tribal bastion of Bani Walid overnight.

Fighters tell Gaddafi town to surrender by tomorrow

Libyan fighters have given
forces in Bani Walid until 1330 IST tomorrow to surrender, a
commander said, adding Muammar Gaddafi`s son Saadi was still
there but another, Seif al-Islam, had fled.

Thirteen fighters killed in Russian Caucasus

Russian police say 13
insurgents have been killed in the country`s volatile Caucasus
region, including four in an operation commanded by Chechnya`s
President, himself a former rebel.

14 dead as more fighters join Philippine feud

The death toll from a vicious feud between rival Muslim rebel groups in the
southern Philippines rose to 14 on Thursday as more fighters flocked
to the remote area.