All Philippine UN peacekeepers in Golan now safe: Military

All 75 Filipino troops serving as UN peacekeepers in the Golan Heights are now safe after the last batch slipped away under cover of night from besieging Syrian rebels, military spokesmen said Sunday.

Eight Filipino troops killed in land mine attacks

Fuming over the reports of the US having monitored over 70 million phone calls in France, Franc has summoned US ambassador, calling the act as “unacceptable”.

Filipino troops deployed after 10 soldiers killed

At least four gunmen were believed killed in the clashes, one of the deadliest in the south in recent weeks.

15 killed as Filipino troops clash with militants

The attackers were likely young Muslim militants trained by the notoriously violent Abu Sayyaf, an al Qaeda-linked group.

Filipino troops defuse 3rd bomb after hostel blast

The attacks are blamed on al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf extremists.