Top 5 ideas for first date outfits!

Top 5 ideas for first date outfits!

How women can get the first date right
How women can get the first date right

If you have only talked over the phone, looked at a profile picture or texted each other - he really doesn’t know exactly how you look until you turn up on your first date. So the first important thing is to dress right for the first meeting.

Fashion, beauty items to be avoided on first date

Getting ready for your first date? Avoid things like new dress and head scarf.

Dress up casually to impress women on first date

If you want to impress your lady love on the first date, it is important to keep your outfit simple yet classy.

Lily Collins`s idea of perfect man

Lily Collins knows exactly what she wants in her man! She wants him to look after her, and make her laugh all the time.

Women love to date, no matter who pays the bills

Women take the lead when it comes to finding love, with one-fourth of them dating three or more men at the same time.

Half of Brit women carry sexy undies in their handbag

43 per cent of women in Britain carry a pair of sexy knickers in their handbags to change into, if a date goes better than planned.

App to tell why you got dumped after first date

A new dating application has been designed to address the classic dilemma of `why doesn`t he or she call?`

Age of Equality: Who pays on the first date?

More than half of British women pay for themselves on a first date, even though men still want to pay, according to a survey.

Duffy found Mr. Right in rugby player Mike Philips on first date

Singer Duffy realised her boyfriend Mike Phillips, a rugby player, was her ‘Mr. Right’ just after their first date.

Jennifer Aniston, Jon Stewart talk of their awkward first date

Jennifer Aniston and talk show host Jon Stewart recently talked about their awkward first date.