Sienna Miller denies flirting with Brad Pitt
Sienna Miller denies flirting with Brad Pitt

Sienna Miller has finally broken her silence on rumours saying that she's getting flirtatious with Brad Pitt.

Some women have casual flings for fun
Some women have casual flings for fun

A Canadian survey has revealed that women go for one-night stands for fun and the emotional factor comes later.

Robert Pattinson flirts with multiple girls

Robert Pattinson reportedly flirted with a lot of girls at a party in Malibu, California.

Facebook and flirting tops employees' wishlist while searching for new jobs

Majority of young adults want an office job that allows them Facebook access, a study has revealed.

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid After Marriage!

Getting married may not be a mean feat but staying happily married is. Here are a few ideas we have written down for a long, happy and secure marriage.

No flirting on stage, say The Saturdays members

Members of band The Saturdays are confident that they will never follow singer Miley Cyrus and flirt on stage.

Nicole Kidman kept me from giving up my acting dreams, says Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts, who had a tough time getting established in Hollywood when she first moved there in the early 90s, has said that her A-list friend Nicole Kidman’s words of encouragement helped her to stay motivated.

Flirting may help women be liked, not trusted

Some women`s habit of flirting at workplace holds the possibility of them being viewed as more likeable among men.

There is nothing wrong with flirting but context matters

A philosophy professor from Pennsylvania has offered some ethical and practical advice on flirting to those of the faint of heart.

Prince Harry bags Francesca Hull’s phone number after flirting at pals’ club

Prince Harry was seen bagging the phone number of ‘Made in Chelsea’ star Francesca Hull, after they flirted heavily in a club.

Freida Pinto finds beau Patel’s constant flirting with women bemusing

Freida Pinto has revealed that she was clueless whether her boyfriend and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ co-star Dev Patel had feelings for her as they worked on the Oscar-nominated movie.

This Valentine`s, dare to flirt!

A new year, pleasant weather, new leaves on the trees and a new passion in hearts; love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is here again.

Aussies love flirting with flight attendants!

Australians may be known for their down-to-earth and friendly nature, but most of them admitted that they avoid conversations with fellow passengers.

Aussies love flirting with a member of the cabin crew during a flight

Fifteen percent of men confessed flirting with a member of the cabin crew during a flight.

Stop flirting with extremism, Dhaka daily tells politicians

A prominent Dhaka daily newspaper has urged political parties to take note of "what has happened in Pakistan" and "stop flirting with religious extremism" as had happened during Monday`s strike.

Miley Cyrus still flirting with Jared Followill?

Miley Cyrus is reportedly sending flirty texts to American rock band "Kings Of Leon" bassist Jared Followill.

Elizabeth Hurley begins flirting with Shane Warne again

Hurley seems to be working on her fledging romance with Australian cricketer Shane Warne as they have started flirting again on Twitter.

Flirting is a nice part of the job: Talk show legend Sir Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael Parkinson confessed that flirting is a great part of his job.

Flirting can be more than fun, researchers say

There is a lot more to flirting than fun, according to a new research study.

Here are the five famous styles of flirting

An assistant professor of communication studies at the University of Kansas, Jeffrey Hall, has identified five styles of flirting.