Flotilla to break Gaza blockade: Rights groups

A group of human rights organisations said on Tuesday they are organising a flotilla of vessels that will attempt to breach Israel`s blockade of Gaza later this year.

21 Gaza flotilla activists still in Israeli jail

The 21 activists were among 27 passengers and crew aboard two ships intercepted by the Israeli navy.

Israel frees six of 27 detained on flotilla

Israel has freed six of 27
passengers and crew who were aboard two ships intercepted by
its navy while trying to run the Jewish state`s blockade on
the Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Flotilla activists seek "blood": Israeli FM

Lieberman repeated Israel`s offer to the activists to deliver aid via the Israeli port of Ashdod.

Israel presses Greece to halt flotilla: Activists

Dire warnings shadow the politically charged plan to deliver aid to the Palestinian territory.

Israel backs away from threat to flotilla reporter

PM Netanyahu instructed authorities to exempt foreign reporters from policy applied to infiltrators.

Gaza-bound flotilla set to leave Greece

About 350 pro-Palestinian supporters hailing from 22
countries are set to join the "Freedom Flotilla" leaving from
Greek ports.

Netanyahu seeks UN help to stop flotilla

Israeli PM Benjamin
Netanyahu called UN chief Ban Ki-moon and asked him to stop an international flotilla.

Flotilla of spacecraft to give accurate space weather forecasts

Space scientists from the UK may soon send a flotilla of spacecraft into orbit around the sun.

UN rights body seeks Israel`s cooperation on flotilla probe

The head of UN Human Rights Council
on Wednesday said that he hoped Israeli authorities would cooperate
with its inquiry into May`s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid

Israeli flotilla inquiry to question Premier

The Israeli commission of inquiry into last month`s deadly naval raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla will summon the country`s Prime Minister.

Flotilla a conspiracy to derail peace: Israel

Israel`s envoy defends flotilla raid on a Turkish ship with ease & vehemence.

Flotilla a conspiracy to derail peace: Israel

Israel`s envoy defends flotilla raid on a Turkish ship with ease & vehemence.

Israeli raid on aid flotilla had `serious defects`: Probe

The bloody raid by Israel`s naval commandos on the Gaza-bound aid flotilla last month suffered from "serious defects".

Arab lawmaker on flotilla sparks outrage in Israel

Hanin Zoabi was on the ship carrying Turkish activists involved in violence.

Israel starts deporting activists; Netanyahu defends Gaza raid

Israel began deporting
all 19 people onboard the Rachel Corrie, even as Netanhayu defended the raid.

Flotilla raid: Israel`s use of captured video draws criticism

Israel`s army has been using
confiscated videos to justify its deadly raid against a
Gaza-bound aid flotilla, and the Foreign Press Association
wants it to stop.

Ban vows action on Flotilla; calls for release of detainees

UN chief will take swift action on the demand for an investigation into flotilla attack.

Israel regrets bracketing India with other violence-hit states

Israel has termed a "regrettable error" bracketing India with other violence-hit countries at the UN.

124 Gaza aid flotilla activists arrive in Jordan

Dozens of pro-Palestinian activists said upon arriving in Jordan that they were roughed up.