Indian diabetics consume high amount of carbohydrates: Study

The Indian diabetics' population, which is second largest in the world with an estimated 65 million affected people, consumes high amount of carbohydrates, according to a study.

25 percent of `dieting women` lecture friends on food habits

A recent survey has revealed that almost half of dieting women transform into `Food Bores` by endorsing diet tips to their peers.

New genes involved in food preferences set to revolutionize diets and improve health

Researchers have said that new understanding of the genes involved in taste perception and food preferences could lead to personalised nutrition plans effective not just in weight loss but in avoiding diseases like cancer, depression, and hypertension.

Food items that you should keep away from your child

Parents often get confused while choosing the best and worst foods for their toddler.

Five food items vegetarians can`t stand

Vegetarians often get to hear how boring their life is sans meat. But eating fake meat all the time simply kills the appetite. There are vegetarian dishes that no longer excite people who stay miles away from meat.

World Obesity Day: Ditch five food habits to keep obesity away

Trying to slash the extra fat? Say no to unhealthy foods itmes such as red meat, fast food and more, says an expert.

Dining companion can influence your choice of food

Dining with someone who always goes for the unhealthy option makes you more likely to give in to temptation as well, a study has found.

Begin your day with oats

Everybody needs to be health conscious today, because most of us face health risks due to various reasons like bad food habits, lack of exercise, stress, obesity, drinking alcohol , smoking, etc.