Half-million refugees in Kenya hit by UN shortage

Half a million refugees in Kenya are being forced to go on half rations as the World Food Program scrambles for funding amid an unprecedented number of major emergencies around the globe.

Human influence causing climate warming: IPCC report

Observing that humans are the dominant cause of global warming, a UN climate panel has warned that climate change will impact human health, south Asian settlements and infrastructure through flooding, and will aggravate food and water shortages in the region.

Lack of food `not behind extinction of Saber-toothed cats`

Saber-toothed cats and American lions were not driven to extinction by lack of food, a new study has revealed.

Stop fungal disease in crops, feed 600 million

Stemming fungal diseases in the world`s five most important crops could feed more than 600 million people.

Six million N Koreans face food shortages: UN

Humanitarian support to North Korea "has decreased tenfold" in the last 10 years, the UN agency said.

Kim goes sailing as N Koreans seek food: Report

Kim Jong-il has been spending his August summer holiday on east coast at one of his several villas.

Gujjars, Bakerwals in J&K facing food shortage: Tribal org

A front organisation of tribals in
J&K today said the nomadic Gujjars and Bakerwals in the higher reaches of the state were facing shortage of
food due to the ongoing unrest in the Valley.

PDP stages walkout from J&K Assembly

The PDP on Thursday staged a walkout amidst pandemonium from the state Assembly as it slammed the Jammu and Kashmir government for shortage of food supplies.

Why India is paying heavily for food

The concluding years of this decade will be remembered in history as those of suffering and awakening.

Why India is paying heavily for food

The concluding years of this decade will be remembered in history as those of suffering and awakening.

Drought & food shortage: History lessons from the field

Drought is a major concern for agricultural India as it occurs almost every two-three years and eats away into the development of the nation.

Cuban to be jailed for complaining about food shortage

A court of appeals in Havana has upheld the two-year sentence handed down to a man who had protested before television cameras about hunger in Cuba, a dissident told EFE.

Asia could face food shortage by 2050, says study

Painting a scary
picture, a FAO study has warned that many developing Asian
nations would have to import cereals to meet their food
requirements, which is expected to double by 2050.

A humanitarian storm brewing in Sudan: UN

A "humanitarian perfect storm" is brewing in southern Sudan, putting no less than 40 percent of the local population at risk, a top UN official said on Wednesday.

Pawar asks states to check hoarding, control fodder price

Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar on Saturday asked state governments to check hoarding and black-marketing of pulses so as to control further rise in their prices and also advised them to take measures to control fodder prices.