Longer the school lunch periods, more the healthy eating

 A recent study has linked short lunch periods in schools to less healthy eating among kids.

Eat less meat to achieve global food security
Eat less meat to achieve global food security

Moderating meat consumption and cutting down on food waste are keys to reducing the dangerous effects of climate change and ensure there is enough food for all, says a significant study.

Gulf countries among world's top generators of food waste

Most GCC countries face a dearth in arable land and fresh water sources thus, depend heavily upon imported food staples to meet domestic food demand.

Food waste study shows six meals a week thrown out

British households are throwing away 4.2 million tonnes of food and drink a year, the equivalent of six meals every week, a study published on Thursday said.

Food waste, diets in focus on UN World Food Day

The United Nations marked World Food Day Wednesday, warning against food waste as 842 million people go hungry and stressing the importance of healthy diets amid rising obesity.

Current global food production trajectory won`t meet 2050 needs: Study

Crop yields worldwide are not increasing quickly enough to support estimated global needs in 2050, according to a study.

Global malnutrition costs `unacceptably high`: UN

The UN report said that malnutrition, including obesity and under-nourishment problems have been raised to `unacceptably high` levels.

Setting sail with gas from wasted food

Engineers are designing the world`s first super efficient cargo vessels that will revolutionise shipping - operating without a single drop of fossil fuel.