Louis Tomlinson to buy football club?

One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson is reportedly making plans to buy his home town football club Doncaster Rovers. The 20-year-old singer along with another investor, are said to be putting together a bid to buy the club. Tomlinson is an avid Doncaster Rovers fan, and even played a game with them earlier this year, reportedly.

Justin Bieber plans to own soccer team

Justin Bieber plans to follow the footsteps of singer Robbie Williams and English actor Vinnie Jones by setting up a celebrity football squad.

Libya: 4 members of football team defect

Muammar Gaddafi has suffered a series of defections by military officers, diplomats, govt members.

Gomez names Colombia squad for friendlies

New Colombia coach Hernan Gomez named a 21-man squad for friendlies against World Cup hosts South Africa and fellow finalists Nigeria.

Togo PM demands team return home

Togo`s Prime Minister said on Sunday the national team must return to Togo and not compete in Africa`s biggest soccer tournament after two of its delegation were killed when the team bus was ambushed by separatists.

National football team improving: Houghton

Sparse international exposure notwithstanding, the Indian football team has improved in the past three years and has become more confident of taking on strong opponents, coach Bob Houghton said.

Indian football team returns from Barcelona

The Indian football team returned home after their month-long training tour of Barcelona in preparation for the August 19-31 Nehru Cup at the Ambedkar Stadium.