Iran’s change of heart: ‘Foreign help for quake welcome now’

Iran said on Tuesday it now welcomes foreign aid for victims of the deadly twin earthquakes that hit the country.

N Korea urges foreign help on rare earths: Report

North Korea wants foreign
companies to help develop what the impoverished communist
state says is its abundance of rare earth metals, a
pro-Pyongyang newspaper said.

Foreign help sought to enhance CCTV footages

Investigators were taking the help of a foreign firm to enhance the image of some
crucial CCTV footages at the three sites of Mumbai serial blast.

Foreign help: CBI having 2nd thoughts in Aarushi case?

The CBI seems to be having second
thoughts about seeking foreign help in the probe into the
murder of Aarushi Talwar, which has left the investigating
agency clueless for the last two years.

Netanyahu says Israel should not rely on foreign help

Israel`s Premier Benjamin
Netanyahu Sunday invoked the Jewish state`s visionary Theodor
Herzl to press the point that his country should not rely on
foreigners, at a time when US is pressuring it to revisit its policy.