Forgiving women less likely to face depression, but not men

 According to a recent study, the researchers have said that forgiveness leads to lesser depressive symptoms in women than men regardless of whether it is complex process or leads to fraught and angst.

Why forgiveness should not be a conscious act

Rama Sreekant explores the secrets of the act of forgiveness

From times immemorial, rishis, sages, seers and life coaches have been trying to demystify the concept of forgiveness for humankind, in the hope of attaining spiritual growth.

Forgive and make peace with your past this Christmas!

As Christmas season approaches every year, it reminds me of my sweet childhood days in the countryside.

Black armbands, tributes after Mandela death

Muhammad Ali paid heart felt tribute and Ashes cricketers donned black armbands Friday as the sports world united in respect and mourning after the death of Nelson Mandela.

`Grisly` Tyson-Holyfield `Bite Fight` revealed in book

The grisly drama behind boxing legend Mike Tyson`s biting off his opponent Evander Holyfield`s ear during their infamous 1997 fight has been revealed in a book, authored by a journalist.

I ask God for forgiveness: LeAnn Rimes on her love affair

LeAnn Rimes admits she prays for forgiveness everyday for her 2009 affair that ended two marriages - hers with dancer Dean Sheremet, and now-husband Eddie Cibrian`s with ex-wife Brandi Glanville.

Forgiveness is good for your heart: Study

Forgive and forget! The mantra could be the secret to good health, a new research has suggested.

Gibson ‘dropped to knees and begged Grigorieva for forgiveness’

Mel Gibson dropped to his knees and begged Oksana Grigorieva for forgiveness the morning after the nuclear January 6 meltdown, according to sources.

Chile mine owners beg forgiveness for miners` plight

The owners of a Chile mine, which collapsed early this month, have asked forgiveness for the accident.