Journalist recants comments linking Michael Schumacher injuries to GoPro camera
Journalist recants comments linking Michael Schumacher injuries to GoPro camera

French journalist Jean-Louis Moncet recanted his comments suggesting that Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher`s injuries in a skiing accident last year may have been caused by a wearable camera made by GoPro Inc .

Two base jumpers killed in new deaths in French Alps

Two base jumpers were killed in separate accidents in the French Alps on Sunday after parachuting off mountains in their wingsuits.

Michael Schumacher`s wife believes he`s getting better: magazine

The wife of Michael Schumacher believes the former Formula One champion is getting better after emerging from his coma and being moved to a Swiss hospital last month, she told a German magazine.

Michael Schumacher`s stolen medical data offered for sale: Report

The seven-time Formula One world champion, Michael Schumacher`s medical reports are reportedly offered for sale.

Psychologist warns Schumacher`s wife to rest else risk her health

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher`s wife Corinna is in danger of making herself ill as she worries and cares for her stricken husband and does not rest herself, according to a psychologist.

Schumacher was awake during hospital transfer: Report

Formula One champion Michael Schumacher was conscious and had his eyes open during his top-secret transfer from a French hospital to a facility in Switzerland, Swiss newspaper Blick reported.

France fines Briton 30,000 euros for illegal ski instruction

The case against Simon Butler, who has been teaching clients how to ski in the French Alps for more than 30 years, goes to the heart of Europe`s labour laws and has sparked outrage in his native country.

Schumacher spends 150th day in coma amid 'permanent vegetative state' speculations

Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has reportedly spent his 150th day in a medically-induced coma as speculations claim that he may be in a permanent vegetative state for the rest of his life.

`Lifesaver` ski helmet returned to `comatose` Schumacher`s family

The broken ski helmet of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher, which saved during a horrific accident at the French Alps, has reportedly been handed back to his family.

Schumacher still `fighting for life` but future in doubt, says Jean Todt

International Automobile Federation president Jean Todt has said that Michael Schumacher is still `fighting for life` but his future remains uncertain, as doctors try to recover the Formula One legend from the medically induced coma.

Brit skier falls to death at French Alps in `Schumacher-type accident`

A British skier has reportedly fallen to his death in front of his son after hitting his head on a rock at the French Alps in an accident reminiscent of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher`s one.

Schumacher showing `encouraging signs` of coming out of coma: Manager

The manager of comatose Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has said that there are `encouraging signs` in the process of bringing the former German racer out of a medically-induced coma.

Italian skier sets new world record with 252.4 kmph speed

An Italian skier has reportedly broken his own speed skiing world record by reaching 252.4 kilometers per hour in the French Alps.

Schumacher`s wife spends 10 mln-pounds to make home `hospital` for F1 legend

Formula One ace Michael Schumacher`s wife has reportedly modified a room in their Swiss mansion, spending 10 million-pounds on it, so that the seriously injured racing legend can come home.

Schumacher may never recover due to serious lapses of judgment in medical care: Ex-F1 doctor

The former chief medical officer of Formula One has said that he believes that the comatose Michael Schumacher will never recover as there have been `serious lapses of judgment` in his ongoing medical care.

`Small, encouraging signs` in Michael Schumacher`s condition: Agent

There are small signs of encouragement in Michael Schumacher`s condition but the former Formula 1 star still faces a long fight to recover after suffering brain damage in a skiing accident, his agent said on Wednesday.

`No change` in Michael Schumacher's condition

Michael Schumacher remains in a "wake-up phase" from the coma he was placed in following a life-threatening skiing accident nearly ten weeks ago, his spokeswoman said today.

Corinna Schumacher spends birthday wishing for hubby`s recovery

The wife of Formula One legend Michael Schumacher had reportedly spent her 45th birthday with a vigil round her husband`s bed at Grenoble`s University Hospital in France with doctors day-by-day fearing the worst.

Medical experts say Schumacher `unlikely` to make `complete recovery` from coma

Medical experts have reportedly said that Formula One legend Michael Schumacher is `unlikely` to make a complete recovery after nearly two months in a medically-induced coma.

Michael Schumacher`s boss insists attempts to wake him up continue

Formula one legend Michael Schumacher`s manager, Sabine Kehm has insisted that attempts to wake Schumacher up are continuous and the fight would go on.