Magazine that revealed Hollande affair fined for snaps of minister

The French magazine that reported President Francois Hollande`s affair with an actress has been fined for breach of privacy in a separate case brought by France`s culture minister, a lawyer said Friday.

Hollande `affair` not fair game across Europe

Media across Europe on Friday reported allegations in a French magazine that President Francois Hollande is having an affair with an actress, but the way it was covered spoke volumes about the way politicians` private lives are treated in different countries.

French magazine to remove report on alleged Hollande affair from site

The French magazine that revealed an alleged affair between President Francois Hollande and actress Julie Gayet said Friday it would remove the report from its website at her request.

French magazine reveals Hollande `affair` with actress

French magazine Closer on Friday said President Francois Hollande was having an affair with actress Julie Gayet, promising to back its claim with photographs after months of swirling rumours.

Duchess Kate’s topless pic photog’s name given to French authorities

The French authorities have been tipped off with the name of the paparazzi photographer, who clicked topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

France bans protest over anti-Islam movie

France has a five million Muslim population, the largest in Europe.

Paris office of `Closer` raided over topless pics of Kate

French police have raided the offices of `Closer` magazine in Paris in the hunt for the photographer.

British royals file complaint against French mag

Britain`s royals lodged a criminal complaint with French prosecutors over topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Royals to file criminal complaint over Kate pics

The palace has already launched a civil lawsuit against Closer magazine, which published paparazzi snaps of Kate.

Topless photo in French mag leaves Kate ‘saddened’

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are said to be “saddened” after a French Magazine published topless pictures of Kate Middleton in one of their issues.

French magazine portraying Prophet gutted

A leading French magazine called itself the ‘Sharia Weekly’ and named Prophet Mohammed as its editor-in-chief.

Monaco royals may sue French magazine over rumours

L`Express allegedly spread "false" rumours of break-up between the couple ahead of their wedding.