French police clear 320 migrants from Channel camps

French police early Wednesday cleared a food handout centre and three squats in the port of Calais occupied by some 300 migrants waiting to try to illegally cross the Channel to Britain.

French police clear Channel migrant camp

French police moved Wednesday to clear a food handout centre in the port of Calais occupied by hundreds of migrants biding their time for a chance to illegally cross the Channel to Britain.

Outcry as French police demolish Calais migrant camps

French police on Wednesday expelled around 550 people from makeshift camps in the northern port of Calais after a scabies outbreak, drawing criticism from rights groups over the treatment of migrants hoping to reach Britain.

French police arrest 6 suspected Syria jihadists

France`s interior minister said police arrested six people today in northeastern France in a roundup of suspected jihadists who travelled to fight in Syria`s civil war.

French police detain 4 terror suspects

French authorities have detained four suspected extremists accused of robbing a fast food restaurant in order to finance their planned travel to fight alongside Islamic extremists in Syria.

French police station attacked after veil incident

Authorities say a few hundred people attacked a police station west of Paris in apparent protest over enforcement of France`s ban on Islamic face veils.

French police hunt for man who stabbed soldier

The 23-year-old soldier, Cedric Cordier, was in uniform patrolling the busy underground corridors where shops and crowded public transport lines converge beneath the famous Arch of La Defense.

French police sweep alleged ‘jihadist network’

The raids stemmed from a grenade attack on September 19 against a Jewish grocery story outside Paris in which one person was mildly injured, officials said.

French police presence boosted on serial killer fears

Hundreds of extra police were
drafted into the Paris suburbs on Saturday where four murders have
been carried out with the same weapon since November.

French police swoop on more suspected Islamists

The raids follow the arrest of 19 people on March 30, a week after police snipers shot dead al Qaeda-inspired gunman Mohamed Merah.

French police in standoff with suspected shooter

After 13 hours of negotiations, one French official said hundreds of police were ready to storm the building in the southwestern city of Toulouse to end the standoff.

DSK to be quizzed over alleged ties to hooker ring

Shamed former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn is likely to be quizzed by the French Police over his links to a high-end call girl ring in N France.

French police arrest 61 over banned burqa protest

Women who disobey the law risk a fine, special classes and a police record.

French police hold suspected ETA chief: Spanish radio

Alejandro Zobaran Arriola has led the ETA military apparatus since May 2010.

French police question man for Quran-burning video

The video maker burns a page from the Quran and urinates on the ashes.

US embassy employees poisoned by mail: French police

Three employees of the US embassy in Paris were being treated for poisoning on Friday after opening mail, but there was no immediate information on the seriousness of their condition, police said.

French police seize diaries in L`Oreal probe: Lawyer

French police have searched home of daughter of L`Oreal cosmetics heiress.

French police fired first in clash that killed officer: ETA

French police fired the first shot in a shootout in a Paris suburb last month in which one of their officers died, said a statement issued today by the Basque separatist group ETA.

French police clear migrant `jungle`, arrest 278

French riot police on Tuesday moved Afghan men and youths out of a makeshift camp known as "the Jungle" which is used as a base to launch risky attempts to get across the Channel to Britain.