Scientists find evidence of ancient mega lake in Africa

A large freshwater lake once filled the White Nile valley in Sudan, according to a new study.

NASA rover finds remnants of freshwater lake on Mars

A US space agency rover tooling around on the dry surface of Mars has for the first time uncovered direct evidence of what used to be a freshwater lake, scientists said Monday.

Chinese scientists research largest freshwater lake

Chinese scientists have started a research programme on the country`s largest freshwater lake in a bid to strengthen economic development in the region, Xinhua reported Friday.

Global warming affecting lakes worldwide

Global warming, a major concern for the various water resources of the world, is also causing harm to the globe`s freshwater lakes, a new study has warned.

Sharks were once small, harmless fish

In popular imagination, sharks are fearsome predators looking for their next unfortunate victim.

World’s fourth largest freshwater lake loses 80 percent of its water

Reports indicate that Central Asia’s vast Aral Sea, which was once the world’s fourth largest freshwater lake, has dramatically retreated, with its eastern section losing about 80 percent of its water in just four years.