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Eat grapes daily to prevent Alzheimer's disease

Eat grapes daily to prevent Alzheimer's disease

Who doesn't like to eat grapes? Well, everyone does as the fruit is not only delicious but also promotes many health benefits. 

Lesser-known health benefits of eating jamun!

We all love to eat this juice, purple fruit which is also known as the black plum. 

Forget refrigeration, now silk coating can keep your favourite fruit fresh

Now, you can keep your fruits fresh by coating them in odourless, thin and biocompatible silk solution for more than a week.

Top five health benefits of raspberries!

Who doesn't like to eat raspberries? Well, everyone loves to have this small and sweet in taste fruit. 

Know why grapes are good for health!

Grapes are a fruit which is loved by all and are also good for health. 

Know what effortlessly slim people eat

Researchers from the Cornell University wanted to find out what people who are naturally thin, and have never struggled with weight problems eat.

Seven ingenious ways to use fruit and vegetable peels!

It's second nature for everyone to throw away those fruit skins and peels away right after you're done enjoying the benefits of what's inside it. But what you weren't probably aware of, was that fruit skins are also helpful and can aid you in everyday life.  

`Fly cells flock together, follow light`

Scientists have used a laser beam to activate a protein that makes a cluster of fruit fly cells act like a school of fish turning in social unison.