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Sugarcane may be used to power future cars

Sugarcane may be used to power future cars

The dual-purpose bioenergy crops are predicted to be more than five times more profitable per acre than soybeans and two times more profitable than corn.

Car of the future emerges at Las Vegas electronics show

At this week`s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, a new breed of cars with nearly complete autonomy and elaborate gadgetry has provided a peek into transportation solutions in the coming years.

Soon, driverless-car to take you to your destination

A researcher has said that in the future there will be driverless cars that will drive its occupants to their destination.

Every big brand car to be connected with Internet by 2014: Experts

They also believe this technology would actually make driving safer by stopping people using their phones in the car but allowing them information without needing to touch a button.

'Artificial leaf' technology to power cars of the future?

British scientists claim to be working on a project to produce an oil substitute,using photosynthesis,which could power the cars,ships and planes of the future.

Future cars will alert emergency after a crash

Future cars fitted with super computer chips will alert emergency services after a crash.