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G-8 summit to discuss tax avoidance by companies

A summit meeting of G-8 countries in Northern Ireland next week would discuss the issue of "tax avoidance" by companies in this increasingly globalised economy, a White House official has said.

Europe needs to balance near and long term needs: US

European nations need to balance their near term needs of job creation and economic growth with long term objectives of putting their fiscal house in order, the US said on Thursday.

G-8 vows to ensure oil supply

Expressing concern over increasing disruption in oil supply, G-8 leaders today vowed to ensure oil markets are "fully and timely supplied" and said they would ask the International Energy Agency to take action if the situation demanded.

G8 wants Greece to remain in Eurozone

The leaders of the G8 industrialised nations meeting at Camp David Saturday agreed that Greece should remain member of the European Union and welcomed EU efforts to solve debt crisis problems.

G 8 countries ask to refrain from protectionist measures

Observing that robust international trade, investment and market integration are key drivers of strong sustainable and balanced growth, leaders of the G-8 nations on Saturday committed to refrain from protectionist measures and asked other countries of the world to do so.

Global economic recovery shows signs of promise: G-8

Global economic recovery is showing signs of promise, but significant headwinds persist, G-8 leaders said on Saturday while committing to take all necessary steps to strengthen and reinvigorate economies and combat financial stresses.

G 8 unified on approach to Iran: Obama

The G-8 leaders are united on their current approach of sanctions, pressure and diplomatic discussions with Iran over its nuclear programme, US President Barack Obama said on Saturday.