Famed Galapagos tortoise `Pepe the Missionary` dies at 60

Quito: "Pepe the Missionary," a giant tortoise who rose to fame as one of the most photographed animals on Ecuador`s Galapagos Islands, has died at age 60, officials have said.

Now, explore Ecuador`s Galapagos islands on Google Street View

Google Street View fans can now get the chance to explore some of the most amazing landscapes and wildlife of Ecuador`s Galapagos islands.

Scientists gather in Galapagos Islands to discuss evolution

Scientists from the Americas and Europe gathered in Ecuador`s Galapagos Islands to discuss evolution in the place that inspired Charles Darwin to develop his theory of the evolution of species.

Google to add Galapagos Islands to Street View

Google has gathered images of the beauty and biological diversity of the Galapagos Islands for use on its Street View.

Brangelina and brood jet off to Galapagos Islands to celebrate engagement

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their brood are said to be enjoying a break in the exotic location of Galapagos Islands to celebrate the couple’s engagement.

Darwin`s `extinct` tortoise might be alive?

The tortoise which has been feared extinct for 150 years may still
be alive in the Galapagos Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Scientists unveil Galapagos Islands` conservation plan

Scientists have warned of a difficult task ahead in the conservation of Ecuador`s fragile Galapagos Islands ecosystem, home to species nowhere else found in the world.

Stowaway mosquitoes threaten Galapagos wildlife

The unique wildlife of the Galapagos Islands is under threat from disease-carrying mosquitoes arriving on board growing numbers of aircraft and tourist boats, researchers said on Wednesday.