Corruption issue to resonate among Indians in elections: Gallup poll

A majority of Indians of all generations see corruption as a widespread problem that they don`t think the current government is doing enough to combat, according to a new US poll, which says the issue will "resonate" in these elections.

Fewer Americans think Obama respected internationally

For the first time since he came to office more than five years ago, more Americans now believe US President Barack Obama is not respected by world leaders than those who do, a Gallup poll released Monday found.

Worldwide image of US dips considerably, finds poll

Worldwide approval of US leadership has declined considerably during President Barack Obama’s second term at the White House, a new poll has found.

Indians start to see less corruption: Gallup poll

Indians continue to see corruption as widespread in their country`s govt and business, but are less likely to feel that way this year.

Majority of Americans against war in Afghan: Poll

Support for the war in
Afghanistan has dropped sharply in the US following a series of violent incidents in the war-torn country, according to a
new poll.

Obama, Hillary top most admired for 2011

US Prez Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have
topped the list of the most admired people of the year 2011,
according to a poll.

US gun ownership highest since 1993: Report

The possession of firearms for protection and other lawful purposes is legal in 49 US states.

Indians frustrated with corruption: Survey

The wave of anti-graft protests reflects that the corruption problem is becoming worse.

`No clear leader between Obama, Republicans`

Ahead of a crucial vote in Congress, a new Gallup poll suggests that Americans are not clear who should have more influence over the nation`s direction in the next year - President Barack Obama or the Republicans.

Pope Benedict favourable ratings drops to 40% in US

Amid new criticism about the Roman Catholic Church`s handling of child sex abuse by priests, Pope Benedict`s favourable ratings has dropped to 40 percent in the United States, a poll said on Wednesday.