Toddler killed, 13 wounded in gas blast near Taipei

A toddler was killed and 13 people were injured in a gas explosion near Taipei, officials said, two weeks after powerful gas blasts claimed 30 lives in southern Taiwan.

Taiwan city evacuates residents from fatal gas blast site

Authorities in Taiwan`s second largest city today temporarily sealed off two streets and evacuated residents over reports of a fresh leak at the site of last week`s fatal gas explosions.

Gas blast traps 17 in China coal mine

At least 17 miners remain trapped in a coal mine in China after a gas blast, media reported Sunday.

New York City gas explosion subject of federal probe

Federal safety authorities launched an investigation into a gas explosion that caused the collapse of two New York City apartment buildings.

New York gas blast death toll rises to eight

Rescuers scouring the rubble of two Manhattan apartment buildings levelled in a gas explosion found the body of an eighth victim, nearly 36 hours after the disaster.

Gas blast kills six in Russia

The blast occurred shortly after midnight Saturday in a building where construction workers lived.

13 killed in gas blast in coal mine in China

Rescuers retrieved the bodies of four miners after two
days of searching, bringing the death toll to 13.

Gas blast at US power plant kills at least 5

An explosion that sounded like a sonic boom blew out walls of an unfinished power plant and set off a fire during a test of natural gas lines on Sunday, killing at least five workers and injuring a dozen or more.

1,000 evacuated after gas blast in China

A gas explosion Tuesday left at least four people injured and 1,000 homeless in Hohhot, capital of north China`s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, an official said.