'India lacks awareness about tools to quantify green emission'

 Indian environment management practitioners lack awareness about systems and tools to quantify greenhouse gas emissions even as climate changes are likely to impact agriculture in hilly and coastal areas, the Bureau of Indian Standards said today.

China tries to keep a lid on air pollution for APEC Summit
China tries to keep a lid on air pollution for APEC Summit

China plans to keep a tight rein on air and water pollution by cutting emissions from vehicles and industries when it hosts leaders of 21 APEC nations including US President Barack Obama early next month.

`Climate change poses immediate threat to health`

Climate change poses an immediate and serious threat to global health and stability, as floods and droughts destroy people`s homes and food supplies and increase mass migration, experts warned on Thursday.

Greenhouse gas emissions hitting record highs

The greenhouse gas emissions are going up instead of down, hitting record highs.

India, China causing rise in emissions

Noting that greenhouse gas emissions impose global risks, Obama Admin believes China & India are responsible for a growing proportion of emissions.

Synthetic `gene` may trap carbon dioxide emissions

A synthetic `gene,` developed by scientists, could trap carbon dioxide emissions.

Indonesia to reduce gas emissions by 25% until 2020

Indonesia is committed to reducing its gas emissions by 25 per cent in
several phases until 2020, Forestry Minister Zulkifli Hasan said here.

Nuclear energy may help cut greenhouse gas emissions

roposals are being worked upon at the Copenhagen summit to cut the greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere, prominent among which is the use of nuclear energy.