Global CO2 emissions soar to all time high but with decreased growth rate
Global CO2 emissions soar to all time high but with decreased growth rate

A new study has revealed that although global CO2 emissions from fossil fuel use and cement production has reached an all new high, the growth has been notably slower at 2 percent than on average in the last ten years.

'Perfect storm' turbulence squelching star formation found around supermassive Black Hole
'Perfect storm' turbulence squelching star formation found around supermassive Black Hole

Astronomers have recently detected a "perfect storm" turbulence that was crushing star formation around a supermassive Black Hole by using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA).

Intergalactic `wind` strips cluster galaxies of star-forming gas
Intergalactic `wind` strips cluster galaxies of star-forming gas

 A team of astronomers have provided the first direct evidence that an intergalactic "wind" is stripping galaxies of star-forming gas as they fall into clusters of galaxies.

Ukraine's Poroshenko says winter gas price deal agreed with Russia

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko confirmed that an agreement has been reached with Russia on a provisional price for gas deliveries during the coming winter months.

Russia's Putin warns of repeat of 2008 gas crisis

Russia will reduce gas supplies to Europe if Ukraine steals from the transit pipeline to cover its own needs, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday, adding that he was "hopeful" it would not come to that.

Gas leakage in South Mumbai; mishap averted

A major underground leakage of CNG was reported in Worli area of South Mumbai which was stopped timely averting a mishap, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai said.

Mysterious, giant Siberian crater discovered at `end of world`

A puzzling giant crater has been recently discovered in the remote area of North Siberia.

Russia says no gas talks until Kiev pays its bill

Russia on Monday said it would hold no further talks over gas until Kiev settled its bills and warned it would redirect exports if Ukraine tries to siphon off European supplies.

EU says commissioner to attend Russia, Ukraine gas talks

EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger will hold another round of talks with Russia and Ukraine in Kiev today to try and resolve a bitter dispute over gas supplies.

Russia offers Ukraine USD 100 gas `discount`: Ukraine PM

Russia has offered Ukraine a "discount" of USD 100 per thousand cubic metres of gas but Kiev has rejected the deal and is seeking a formal change to the rate set in the two sides` contract, Ukraine`s prime minister said today.

EU to hold another round of Ukraine, Russia gas talks

The European Commission said it will hold further talks with Ukraine and Russia on resolving their gas supply dispute after outlining a possible price regime to secure supplies to June 2015.

Russia pushes back Ukraine gas cut ultimatum

Crisis-hit Ukraine won a vital reprieve from Russia on Monday when Moscow pushed back until next week a possible cut in gas shipments that would also impact parts of Europe.

Spain okays Repsol plan for Canary Islands exploration

The Spanish government on Thursday gave oil giant Repsol the green light to explore for oil and gas off the coast of the Canary Islands, a move that environmental groups described as "unjustifiable".

Ukraine must pay $1.6 bn for June gas: Gazprom

Russian gas giant Gazprom said on Tuesday that Ukraine had until June 2 to pay $1.6 billion (1.2 billion euros) for natural gas or Moscow will turn off its energy supplies.

Russia, China try to finish gas talks before Putin`s visit: Deputy PM

Moscow and Beijing plan to wrap up a decade of talks on supplies of Russian natural gas before President Vladimir Putin`s expected to travel to China next month.

US accuses Russia after Putin warning on gas supplies to Europe

President Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday that Russian gas supplies to Europe could be disrupted if Moscow cuts the flow to Ukraine over unpaid bills, drawing a U.S. accusation that it is using energy "as a tool of coercion".

Russia cancels zero export tax for gas to Ukraine

Russia Thursday cancelled zero export tax for natural gas it supplies for Ukraine.

Qatar sends second shipment of free gas to Egypt

Gas-rich Qatar has dispatched a second shipment of free liquefied gas it had pledged to Egypt, a report said, despite Doha`s criticism of Cairo`s deadly crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood protesters.

Japan makes breakthrough in extracting seabed gas

Japan on Tuesday said it had successfully extracted natural gas from methane hydrate deposits under the sea, in the first example of production of the gas offshore.

Qatar announces large natural gas discovery

Qatar says it has discovered as much as 2.8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in an offshore field.