Japan's first lady says husband helps with chores

Japan's first lady says she has such a busy schedule that sometimes it's up to the prime minister to do the dishes or take out the garbage.

Vietnam hosts third gay pride parade as attitudes soften

Around 300 activists led a colourful parade through Hanoi on Sunday in the nation`s largest ever gay pride event, as communist Vietnam shows signs of increasing tolerance of sexual difference.

Greek Cypriots in first gay pride parade

Nicosia held its first Greek Cypriot gay pride parade Saturday, 16 years after homosexuality was decriminalised on the Mediterranean island, where the influential Orthodox Church views non-heterosexual relations as sinful.

Gay Pride Parade in Mumbai urges society to end social discrimination

Legalising homosexuality has had little impact on the deeply entrenched homophobia in India, where thousands of gays still face discrimination.

St Petersburg gays to rally despite ban

The St Petersburg gay and transsexual community will stage a parade despite the city council`s ban on the event.

Nearly 700,000 attend gay pride parade in Rio

Organisers had hoped for nearly 1.5 million people at the 16th annual parade in Rio de Janeiro.

Dutch military joins Gay Pride parade for 1st time

The parade capped a weeklong festival of
around 300 parties and events.

Brussels gay pride parade draws 35,000 participants

Belgium is considered one of the most liberal countries.

Moscow Mayor calls gay pride march `Satanic`

A planned gay rights parade will not be able to take place in Moscow after a ruling by its Mayor, Yuri Lushkov, the Itar Tass news agency reported on Monday.