Palestinian govt calls for USD 4 bn for Gaza reconstruction

The Palestinian government on Thursday in a reconstruction plan for Gaza ahead of an October 12 donor conference called for USD 4 billion to rebuild the war-battered territory.

Israel troops clash with Gaza militants at border: Media

Israeli troops clashed with Gaza militants at the border Israeli media quoted Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch as saying Saturday, without specifying on which side of the frontier they were.

Army kills Gaza militants entering Israel by sea

Israeli forces killed four Palestinian militants on Tuesday who landed on a beach in southern Israel a short distance from the Gaza Strip and attacked a military base, the army said.

Israel strikes Gaza militant sites

The Israeli military says it has carried out airstrikes on rocket launchers and militant sites in the Gaza Strip, following rocket fire from Gaza into Israel.

Gaza militants fire missile, rockets at Israel

Israel`s military says Gaza militants have fired a missile at troops patrolling the border on Monday as well as several rockets into the south of the country.

Gaza militants say truce restored

Gaza`s Islamic Jihad has announced that an Egyptian-brokered truce had been restored following a brief but intense confrontation a day earlier when Israeli warplanes pounded the Strip after heavy cross-border rocket fire.

Gaza projectiles hit Israel after Sharon burial: Army

Gaza militants fired two projectiles which struck an area close to the ranch where former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon was laid to rest on Monday.

Israel ready to strike harder: Netanyahu warns Gaza militants

Israel`s hawkish PM Benjamin Netanyahu warned that his administration was ready "to step up its response".

Israel retaliates after Gaza fires rockets

The military said that its aircraft struck a Palestinian rocket launching pad after Gaza militants launched mortar and 11 rockets.

Israel-Gaza violence ebbs as truce takes effect

Israel halted its airstrikes against Gaza Strip militants early Tuesday and rocket fire from the Palestinian territory ebbed as a cease-fire ending four days of clashes appeared to be taking effect.

Israel, Gaza militants agree to truce: Egypt official

Israel and militant factions in the Gaza Strip have agreed to an Egyptian-brokered truce to end four days of cross-border violence in which 25 Palestinians have been killed

Israeli air strikes kill 17 in Gaza

A fresh Israeli air raid on Gaza
killed a 12-year-old, bringing the death toll from strikes since Friday to 17.

Israel air strike targets Gaza militants

An Israeli air strike targeted Palestinian militants in the Gaza

Israeli air strike kills two Gaza militants

Hamas and Israel carried out an Egyptian- and German-brokered prisoner swap in mid-October.

Gaza violence simmers after truce announced

Violence between Israel and Gaza militants flared anew after Egypt said it had brokered a truce to end attacks.

Egyptian military closing Gaza tunnels: Officials

Israel-Egypt relations took a hit, when five Egyptian police were killed during a firefight between Israeli forces and fleeing militants.

Don`t test us, Israel Army warns Gaza militants

Israel`s top military chief has
warned Gaza militants not to "test" Israel`s strength as
troops and police were today on high alert over warnings of a
planned attack from Sinai.

Seven wounded in Palestinian attack: Israeli cops

A Palestinian attacker wounded seven Israelis, one critically, near a Tel Aviv nightclub.

Israeli air strikes kill Gaza militants

The violence disrupted a ceasefire agreed on Monday by Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza.

Gaza militants agree to ceasefire: Hamas official

A cross-border Palestinian attack on Israel threatened relations between the two countries.