Now, a gel that could stop beard from growing!

Shaving could soon be a thing of the past, say scientists who claim to have developed a rub-on gel which could keep men stubble-free.

Soon, breast cancer gel that shrinks tumours

A new gel treatment for breast cancer is being developed and tested in the U.S to shrink tumours.

Now, a gel `to wipe out back pain`

Scientists have developed a gel which can fill holes in damaged spinal discs that trigger aches.

New gel heals sinus surgery wounds

Ground-breaking gel for healing wounds after sinus surgery has been developed by scientists from NZ.

Gel to protect women from AIDS virus

A gel called microbicide could help women protect against HIV while allowing her to get pregnant.

Now, a gel that could replace the Pill

New York scientists claim they have developed a body cream that works exactly like the Pill.

Explosives seized from Jharkhand

A cache of explosives
were today recovered during anti-naxal operation in the
forests on the borders of Khunti and Ranchi districts, police

Now, a gel to end misery of cleft palates

Oxford scientists have developed a gel that may soon heal the misery of cleft palates in kids.