Gen Y’s new relationship rules revealed

Dating canon from nineties era, which suggests that one should wait three days to follow up after a date, have been termed outdated, according to a new survey.

Gen Y not keen on saving energy: Study

Gen Y`s are big users of technology as multiple aspects of their life involve and rely on online technologies.

Forget `likes`, engaging Gen Y is key to Facebook

The number of fans or “likes” an organisation’s Facebook page has may not be a precise indicator of success.

Gen Y drivers prefer risking safety to save money

One in three Gen Y drivers prefer to spend money on a sound system than safety features, a new survey has revealed.

‘Gen X more likely to indulge in risk behaviour than Gen Y’

A new research has indicated that Generation Xs are more likely to indulge in risky behaviour than the irresponsible Generation Ys.

Gen Y women feel they are expected to give oral sex

An Australian survey has found that Generation Y women feel pressured to give oral sex, and some even find that it is expected of them.

Gen Y doesn’t make lazy workers

Gen Y workers have no more desire to reduce their working hours.

If I can`t ping you, I`m not with you: The Times of India

Move over Gen Y, its ‘Gen Y Not’, which is hot on your heels. For them, impossible is nothing and impatience is a virtue. They are hooked to
anything micro and live in a reality that’s virtual.