Formula E championship`s Chief executive opens up about target audience

Alejandro Agag, chief executive of the Formula E championship, the latest FIA-sanctioned entrant to the racing scene, has said that they are not competing with Formula 1, and a traditional F1 fan is not their target.

Indian cinema will change with every generation: Big B

Amitabh Bachchan has always made it a point to keep in sync with the tastes of youth, who constitute the bulk of the audience as, he stresses, "you have to listen to them".

Scientists edge close to hybrid plant crops

Scientists have taken a major step towards creating hybrid crop plants.

'Laado' takes generation leap

`Na Ana Is Des... Laado` is taking a leap of 18 years.

German Jews to elect leader from post-holocaust generation

Germany`s Jewish community, which
has grown by leaps and bounds due to immigration from the
former Soviet Union, will Sunday elect its first post-war
leader who is not a survivor of the Holocaust.

Swiss ready new generation of traffic offence cameras

Swiss police are testing a new
generation of super cameras that are able to detect up to 10
kinds of traffic offences, local newspaper Le Matin Dimanche
reported on Sunday.

India may invest in Bangladesh`s 2,600 MW power projects

Bangladesh is seeking Indian investment for its two power plants of 1,300 MW each and transmission link between the two countries.

Technology giving rise to generation of depressed people

Although technological wonders have made our lives easier, it might also be giving rise to a generation of depressed people, says an expert.

Seeds of green generation sprout in Indonesia

Today`s young students, not the world leaders at UN climate talks in Copenhagen, will be the ones battling to save the planet if predictions of catastrophic temperature rises come true.

Welcome to the generation of million dollar kids

Think your children are costing you a lot? You`re right, with an Australian study finding that the average child now costs USD 1 million.