Schizophrenia a group of eight distinct disorders: Study

The debilitating psychiatric illness schizophrenia is not a single disease but a group of eight genetically distinct disorders - each with its own set of symptoms, new research indicates.

Hunter Syndrome: Hunt for low-cost treatment in India

The family of Arian, a 12-year-old boy from West Bengal, met union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan seeking subsidy for the treatment of Hunter Syndrome, a rare but fatal genetic disorder, the treatment of which is very expensive and not easily available in India.

Meat, egg and dairy products necessary for brain development

The deficiency of asparagine synthetase, which is found in meat, eggs and dairy products, caused by rare genetic disorder affects development of the brain.

11-yr-old with fatal disorder makes a name in chess invention

He may be just 11 years old and suffering from a fatal genetic disorder, but it has not stopped this child prodigy from the Pink City from making a mark for himself in chess variant inventions.

Chinese man goes to doc, finds he`s a woman!

In a shocking discovery, a 66-year-old "apparently" male patient in Hong Kong found himself to be a woman when he went to a hospital.

Possible cause of congenital heart disease identified

Congenital heart disease can cause infants to be born with structural heart problems, which can be serious or even life-threatening.

Gene causing motor development disorder found

In a discovery that is paving the way for the diagnosis and treatment of a rare genetic disorder related to the brain`s functioning, a team of researchers has identified the causative gene behind the disease, which delays development of motor activities in children.

Obese dads may put their kids at risk of disease

A father`s obesity may influence his children`s health and potentially raise their risk for diseases like cancer, according to new research.

`Tutankhamun died early due to a rare genetic disorder`

Egyptian Pharoah Tutankhamun and many of his immediate predecessors may have died early due a unique genetic disorder, which led to their unusually large breasts, a new theory suggests.

Migraine `much more than just bad headache`

Migraine can be a genetic disorder, making it common for children whose parents experience migraines to do the same.

Drug for Parkinson`s comes closer to reality

Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have shed light on how Parkinson`s disease spreads through the brain.

Mennonite family helps spot Parkinson’s disease gene

The latest gene associated with typical late-onset Lewy body Parkinson’s disease, with the help of a Canadian Mennonite family of Dutch-German-Russian ancestry.

Embryo stem cell therapy brings hope to those with incurable diseases

Simran Kaur, 42, was suffering from cerebellar ataxias, a rare genetic disorder, which left her wheelchair bound, incontinent, with slurred speech and no chances of improvement. Her family then came to know about human embryonic stem cell therapy. A few weeks of treatment later her condition improved, giving a new ray of hope to the family.

Soon, unborn babies to be tested for 3,500 genetic faults

Scientists were able to map the baby’s genetic code principally from tiny traces free-floating DNA.

Mutation behind rare genetic disorder identified

Scientists have finally identified the genetic cause of a birth defect known as Hamamy syndrome.

Kineret halts organ damage in inflammatory genetic disorder

NOMID- a rare and debilitating genetic disorder causes persistent inflammation.

Green tea effective in treating genetic disorder

A compound in green tea that shows great promise for the development of drugs to treat two types of tumours and a deadly congenital disease.

Genetic links to ovarian cancer identified

Scientists claim to have identified the genetic variants associated with ovarian cancer in women.

Genetic links to ovarian cancer identified

Scientists claim to have identified the genetic variants associated with ovarian cancer in women.