Woolly mammoth's DNA reveals poignant story of extinction

Scientists have sequenced and analyzed the complete high-quality genomes of two woolly mammoths, which revealed poignant story of their extinction.

New 'biodiversity metric' developed to study climate change influence

Scientists have come up with a new biodiversity metric called phylogeographic endemism, to understand the influence of recurring climatic shifts over the last 120,000 years on current patterns of genetic diversity.

Honeybees came from Asia, not Africa: Study

Contrary to the general belief that honeybees originated from Africa, a new research indicates that the species actually came from Asia.

Smaller mammals adapting better to climate change than bigger counterparts

A new research has shed light on the differences in mammal responses to climate change.

Mystery behind white tiger solved

White tigers today are only seen in zoos, but they belong in nature, according to researchers who found new evidence about what makes them white.

Indian tigers face threat `due to lack of genetic diversity`

India`s tigers are facing extinction owing to a collapse in the variety of their mating partners and the resultant lack of genetic diversity, according to a first-of-its-kind research.

Chimps show greater genetic diversity than humans

Groups of chimpanzees within central Africa are more different genetically than humans living on different continents, a study has found.