New DNA supercomputer can deliver genome sequencing for just $1k

Researchers have developed a new DNA supercomputer which is promising to deliver radically cheaper genome sequencing.

Locust genome could serve as blueprint for new insecticides

The genome sequence of Locusta migratoria is the largest animal genome sequenced so far and has provided the means with which its genes can be targeted by insecticides.

Genomes of 201 microbes sequenced

Scientists have successfully sequenced the genomes of 201 microbes to find out more about the role these tiny, single-celled organisms play in our environment.

Full genome sequencing can help identify autism risk

A new research has found a full genome sequencing examining the entire DNA code of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their family members.

First baby born using new revolutionary IVF screening technique

A baby was delivered in the US in May by using a new method that helps screen the embryos during IVF, according to researchers.

First full set of great ape genome sequenced

Researchers have sequenced the most comprehensive catalogue of great-ape genome diversity ever, offering insight into the primate evolution.

Genome of global deep ocean being sequenced

A team of Spanish researchers, coordinated by the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), has begun sequencing the genome of the global deep ocean.

Genome sequencing may shed light on parrots` longevity and intelligence

Researchers at Texas A and M University have successfully sequenced the complete genome of a Scarlet macaw for the first time.

Scientists sequence genome of pneumonia pathogen

Scientists have sequenced the genome of the fungus responsible for a type of common and fatal pneumonia.

Soon, people can have their personal DNA code sequenced

Personalised medicine and individualised treatments could be a possibility in the “very near future” as everybody will soon be able to have their entire DNA make-up mapped for as little as 100 pounds.

Genome sequencing of extinct human reveals brown-eyed girl

Researchers have sequenced the genome of a recently discovered branch of extinct humans known as the Denisovans that once interbred with us.

Whole genome sequencing may improve medical care

The wealth of info locked up in human genome can help doctors advise patients on lifestyle changes to stave off diseases.

Scientists complete potato genome sequencing

A consortium of scientists led by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) has finished sequencing the genetic code of the potato.