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Our DNA less 'human' than scientists previously thought!

Our DNA less 'human' than scientists previously thought!

About eight percent of what we think of as our "human" DNA actually came from viruses.

New biological mechanism that causes cancer found

In a landmark study, researchers have found that unusual changes in the instructions for how the genome folds up on itself could be a completely new biological mechanism that underlies cancer.

Soon, your personal weight-loss program

One-size-doesn't-fit-all when it comes to fat-shedding programs, but now, a new study has revealed that weight-loss programs tailored to a person's genome may be coming soon.

Ancient genome shows complex cow ancestry

The ancestry of domesticated cattle proves more complex than previously thought, researchers said.

New system for human genome editing discovered

Scientists have identified a new CRISPR system for human genome editing with potential to increase power and precision of genome engineering.

`Living fossil`? Not quite as its genome is actively evolving!

A group of scientists has decoded the first lingulid brachiopod genome, from Lingula anatina collected at Amami Island, Japan to find that this so-called 'living fossil' is still evolving.

Now, a new tool to build a more stable genome!

An Indian-origin researcher-led team has for the first time developed a computational tool which it claims can help experts assemble DNA sequences more accurately.

Scientists crack through wheat`s genetic code

It may help making more robust and plentiful crop breeds to meet the threat of global food shortages.

New insights into 3D structure of human genome!

In what could be called a
major breakthrough, scientists have gained fresh insights into
the three-dimensional organisation of the human genome.

Human genome mapping: Scientists question claim

Sections of the Indian scientific community say the claims on mapping the genome of an Indian are vastly exaggerated though many agree it is a step forward.