Republican party selling `I miss George Bush` t-shirts

With US President Barack Obama`s approval rating remaining low, the Republican Party in a bid to boost its popularity has come out with "I MISS W" t-shirts emblazoned with a picture of former president George W Bush.

90-year-old ex-US president to make parachute jump

Former US President George H W Bush can no longer use his legs, but he is not letting that stop him from keeping a vow he made five years ago: to jump from an aircraft on his 90th birthday, which is today.

George Bush undergoes heart surgery to remove blockage

Former US President George W Bush today successfully underwent a surgery to clear a blocked artery in his heart.

Elder Bush shaves head in support of child with cancer

Former US president George HW Bush shaved his head in solidarity with the young son of a member of his security detail who is suffering from leukaemia.

Snowden damaged security of US: George Bush

Fugitive American intelligence leaker Edward Snowden has damaged security of the country by his actions, former US President George W Bush said on Monday.

Barack Obama, George Bush both heading to Dar es Salam

President Barack Obama and former President George W Bush are planning to be in the same city a world away from home.

George W Bush plane diverted after smell of smoke

Washington: A plane carrying former President George W Bush was diverted to Louisville after the pilot reported the smell of smoke, media reports said on Sunday.

George W Bush pens letter as wedding present to elderly couple

The elderly newlywed couple had their honeymoon at the opening of the George W Bush Presidential Library.

George Bush `very comfortable` with invading Iraq

Former US president George W Bush has said he is still `very comfortable` with one of the most controversial decisions of his presidency - the invasion of Iraq.

Ex-US prez Bush urges brother Jeb to run for White House

Former US president George W Bush urged his younger brother Jeb to aim for the White House in a 2016 campaign.

People are surprised I can read, says George Bush

Former President George W. Bush, whose paintings are confounding his critics, has said that some people are surprised that he can even read.

German magazine mistakenly publishes Bush obituary

Germany`s respected news weekly Der Spiegel has mistakenly published an obituary for former US President George H W Bush.

Shinzo Abe mistakes Obama for Bush after congratulory call

incoming Prime Minister Shinzo Abe got his US leaders mixed-up when he told business chiefs he had been speaking to ‘President Bush’ after a phone call from Barack Obama.

Don`t blame Bush for your failures: Republicans to Obama

A top Republican leader has asked the US President to desist from blaming his predecessor George W Bush for his own "failed" policies.

‘Paranoid Putin has every meal tested for poison`

Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly has all of his dishes tested for poison by a medically-qualified professional sampler.

‘George Bush doesn’t want to crawl back into swamp of politics`

George W Bush has made it abundantly clear that although it was “awesome” being president for eight years, he doesn’t miss life in political office.

George Bush voted most unpopular ex-US president

Bush - born July 6, 1946 - was the 43rd president of the US from 2001 to 2009.

Anupam shocked on censor cut in `Mr.Bhatti On Chutti`

Anupam Kher is "shocked" after reading reports that the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has asked producers of his next film ‘Mr.Bhatti On Chutti’ to mute dialogues mentioning political leaders George Bush and Manmohan Singh.

FBI memos paint Steve Jobs as driven, reality-distorting visionary

The FBI has released decades-old file it kept on Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, questioning his moral character.

Bush, Blair guilty in Malaysia `war crimes trial`

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal found the former leaders
guilty of war crimes in Iraq war.