CIA torture report: Bobby Jindal defends George Bush

Indian-American Louisiana Governor and rising Republican star Bobby Jindal has said the release of a Senate committee report on CIA's detention and harsh interrogation techniques is aimed at attacking former president George W Bush.

Torture scandal unlikely to clip CIA wings: Experts

Detailed revelations of the torture used by George W. Bush-era operatives against Al-Qaeda suspects are only the latest morale-sapping scandal to envelop the Central Intelligence Agency.

Bush only got torture details 4 years into program: US report

Former US President George W Bush was only given details of the torture being used by the CIA four years into the brutal interrogation program launched during his tenure, according to a Senate report.

Bush father, son want Jeb Bush run for White House

Former President George W Bush said that he believes his brother Jeb Bush should run for president but ultimately the former Florida governor must make a decision regardless of any pressure from the family.

Jeb's 2016 Presidential race evenly split: George W Bush

Former President George W Bush on Sunday said that the odds of his brother and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush running for the White House in 2016 are evenly split.

George W Bush says dad pondered skipping 2nd term

George HW Bush seriously considered not running for re-election in 1992 even though he loved his job, according to a new book written by his son, former President George W Bush.

Guantanamo Bay prison closure by 2016 'unrealistic': Camp commander

The commander of the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay believes there is little chance of the controversial facility being closed in the next two years, leaving Barack Obama struggling to achieve his goal of shuttering the jail before he leaves office.

Another George Bush wins an election in Texas, US

The Bush political dynasty has a new junior member, George P Bush, who has won an election in Texas for an obscure statewide office, local media reported.

Bush shoe-tossing painting hits record at Doha auction

A controversial painting by Iranian artist Mahmud Obaidi, depicting an Iraqi journalist throwing shoe in 2008 at then US president George W. Bush, was sold for $62,500 at a Sotheby's auction in Doha.

Newcombe lifts lid on `party boy` George W Bush

Australian tennis legend John Newcombe has lifted the lid on "party boy" George W Bush and the drink-driving revelation that clouded his 2000 US presidential election campaign.

George W Bush says brother wants presidency

Former Florida Gov Jeb Bush wants to be president. That's according to his brother, former President George W Bush, who recently encouraged him to enter the 2016 presidential race during a private conversation at an event honoring veterans.

George W Bush's book about father titled '41'


New York: The title of former President George W. Bush's book about his father will feature a number, not a name.

George W Bush takes ice bucket challenge, dares Bill Clinton

Former president George W. Bush took the so-called Ice Bucket Challenge in support of Lou Gehrig`s disease research Wednesday, and challenged his Democratic predecessor Bill Clinton to do the same.

Mentally ill American sentenced for threatening Bush

A bipolar house painter arrested with a loaded rifle was sentenced to one year supervised release in New York today for threatening to kill former president George W Bush.

Britain`s Iraq inquiry to see parts of Blair-Bush letters

The British government agreed on Thursday to give extracts of letters from Tony Blair to George W Bush to an inquiry into the Iraq war, overcoming the main hurdle to publication of the long-awaited report.

I hope Jeb runs: George W Bush on younger brother

If it were up to former US president George W Bush, a third member of the Republican family dynasty -- his younger brother Jeb -- would run for the White House.

Al Feldstein, who headed Mad magazine, dies

Al Feldstein, whose 28 years at the helm of Mad magazine transformed the satirical publication into a US pop culture institution, has died. He was 88.

George W Bush`s paintings set for public exhibit

Former US president George W Bush will offer the world a window into his private life when a collection of his paintings goes on exhibit in April.

I have a duty to war vets, says George W Bush

Former US president George W Bush, who sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, says he has "a duty" to thousands of American war veterans.

Bill Clinton taunts George W Bush for not using Twitter

Bill Clinton has poked fun at George W. Bush for not having a Twitter handle in his latest tweet.