ISRO to launch German, French, British, Canadian satellites

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), that got global recognition for its successful launch of a mission to Mars, will now launch German, French, British and Canadaian satellites, a top official said.

`Beijing was in way of crashed German satellite`

The consequences of chunks of the 2.5 tonne Rosat
satellite falling into Beijing city would have been catastrophic.

`Beijing was on the path of crashed satellite`

Beijing, the Chinese capital was "perilously close" to a major catastrophe when the city came directly in the flight path of a bus-sized defunct German satellite when it plunged into the Bay of Bengal last October.

German satellite hurtles towards Earth

A German satellite around the size of a car is speeding towards Earth, officials said today.

Doomed satellite hits Earth, no report yet where it fell

A bus-sized defunct German satellite today plunged to Earth after languishing in a dead orbit for more than a decade, but space officials have no idea yet about where it fell.

Three tonne satellite to fall on earth

A retired satellite is hurtling toward the atmosphere and pieces of it could crash into the Earth as early as Friday, the German Aerospace Center says.