Egypt turmoil turns tourist hub Luxor into ghost town

Tourists once flocked to Luxor for its ancient treasures, but as Egypt witnesses sweeping political upheavals, the visitors have simply vanished from this famed temple city.

Malaysian government to slash public expenditure

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has announced 11 measures to slash public sector expenditure beginning Jan 1, authorities said.

Senior official warns of `ghost towns` emerging in China

In a grim warning against rapid urbanisation in China, a top development official has said that reckless expansion of cities has turned many of them into ghost towns with no occupants in sight.

U`khand floods: Kedarnath turn into ghost town

The unprecedented rains turned Kedarnath into a ghost town with bodies strewn all over.

Communal clashes turn Nigerian city into ‘ghost town’

The Nigerian city of Jos almost turned to a ghost town as residents fled to seek refuge in churches, mosques and military barracks on Wednesday, even as Muslim-
Christian clashes spread to new regions.